Brad Reifler Stands Tall with Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler has been in the trading world since 1982 when Wikipedia shows he first started up Reifler Trading Co. Since then he has been an active member of several different corporations, ultimately ending up as the CEO of Forefront Management Group back in 2009. As the CEO of Forefront Management he has helped to turn the company into a global force in the financial world of trading. Now Reifler is turning his attention to a new cause: Forefront Income Trust.

For the longest time Reifler and his trading companies have focused primarily on the accredited investors due, primarily, to the fact that they are able to make riskier and higher earning investments. Accredited investors are labeled by the SEC if they meet one of the following qualifications: an accredited investor must have a net worth of at least $1 million, excluding any real estate that is listed as a primary residence. An accredited investor is also someone who makes $200,000 per year or $300,000 per year with a spouse. These numbers are occasionally redefined by the SEC but they don’t tend to get much more lenient.

Brad Reifler knows what it is like to struggle as an investor. Years ago he began investing in public college savings plans. He had put money into 529 different plans that were open to the public. By the time his kids were ready to attend college he had seen his investment drop by 40%, worth less than what he had even put into it. Reifler cites this experience as one of the reasons he decided to start Forefront Income Trust. The other reason was that his father in law failed to properly invest his life savings due to failing to reach the accredited threshold. Reifler had been entrusted with moving his money around and ultimately he had found more walls than open doors.

Forefront Income Trust’s primary goal is to be a safe place for investors to start growing their portfolio. Reifler told reporters that Forefront Income will offer an excellent ‘preferred 8 percent return’ which is pretty rare in the financial world. Investors can get a piece of Forefront Income as long as they can meet the modest threshold of $2,500 as an entry fee. Clients who decide to take advantage of the new company will have the option to withdraw or add money every single quarter. To further mitigate risks in investments, Forefront Income is not correlated with the stock market. This gives investors room for higher growth with lessened risk, ultimately helping the newer traders actually establish themselves. Reifler also points out that Forefront Income Trust will also focus on diversification to help spread risk around in order to help clients. A tidbit that he talks about himself, for anybody getting started with investing.

Corporate Law Services In Bellville, South Africa

Corporate law services in Bellville, South Africa help you manage legal issues that plague businesses all over the continent. You are in need of services that will help you untangle strange legal issues that are difficult to tackle, and your corporate lawyer will assist you with contracts that help your business stay afloat. This article explores how a lawyer will help you prevent legal problems that could swamp your business permanently.

#1: Sign Your Retainer Today

You must have an attorney under retainer while you are managing your business. The retainer fee is a standard fee that pays for basic legal services you require, and you will write once check to pay for your retainer upfront. Any extra help you need is paid for after services are rendered, and you will stay in touch with the attorney you use for any legal questions. Keeping an attorney on retainer allows you to make a quick phone call in any situation.

#2: Contracts

Contracts are easy to manage when you have an attorney reviewing your documents. Attorneys are trained in contracts, and your attorney will ensure that your contracts benefit your business above all others. Employee contracts must protect you from liability, and contracts with other businesses must be financially sound. Working with a lawyer helps you get your contracts done properly the first time.

#3: Legal Trouble

Customers may threaten to sue your business, and other businesses may accuse you of breach of contract. You cannot respond to any legal issues on your own, but your lawyer will handle the response to any legal problems for you. Your lawyer will help you manage the public relations effort during your legal troubles, and your lawyer will negotiate with the plaintiff in any case involving your business.

#4: Filing Claims Against Others

You may contact your lawyer at any time when you must file a claFrans Schoemanim against another business or individual. Your lawyer will collect the facts of your case, and the attorney will file motions so that you do not have to. You are involved in legal proceedings in that your lawyer keeps you updated, but you will not be forced to manage a lawsuit you must bring against someone else. Your lawyer will manage the case, and all settlements must be approved by your office first.

#5: A Feeling Of Security

Keeping an attorney on retainer helps you feel safe when you are managing a business. You cannot worry constantly about the ramifications of every decision you make, and you must have someone to call when there is trouble. A skilled lawyer will ensure that you are protected during times of legal trouble, and your lawyer will get in front of every legal matter on your behalf.

Keep a lawyer Frans Schoeman at Phatsima Diamond on retainer to ensure that you are protected from lawsuits and legal trouble. Your contracts must be reviewed by a professional, and your business dealings must be reviewed by someone who understand South African law. Frans and his team can step in when you need legal assistance. Schoeman

Selling Your Home Through The 990 Company Really Works

I cannot say enough good things about the 990 company. I saved over 20,00 dollars by committing the sale of my home to the 990. My home sold in less than one week and we received full service amenities from our local licensed and trusted real estate agent. This amazing company is changing how business in the real estate market is currently being handled. I could not be more happy with the services provided to me from this comprehensive company. There really is no up front or hidden service costs to start when you work with the 990 real estate listing company. You can start today, without spending a dime. I can tell you that the 990 company worked for me, and it can definitely work for you as well.

You receive fantastic full online advertising through popular companies like, zillow and trulia. You will have listings published in print, MLS, and color brochures printed to showcase your home at its best to attract your future buyer. It is just like you are using a real estate selling service that expects a 6% return upon selling your home. You do not need to give up quality services to save with the 990 company. But you only pay $990 dollars. This is not a scam or discount service by any means. The 990 company really is the real deal. You will never need to pay more to sell your home again.

But, why you might ask would a licensed real estate ever want to give up a 6% commission to receive only $990 at closing? There are lots of great reasons that working with the 990 company can be an amazing opportunity for you real estate agent. Our local real estate agent tells us that he loves working with the 990 company. We went ahead and purchased our next home through our incredible local real estate agent. He closed that deal with a regular 6% commission.  He also received lots of clients generated from buyers who were originally interested in our home. Using the 990 company, in the end is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Do you want to save a considerable amount of money, while still enjoying all the best services and advertising available to generate interest in your home? Then I highly recommend you use the services offered to you from the 990 company.  You will be a believer in this innovative new home sales program just like me. Try 990 sells homes, and expect nothing but the very best!

OrganoGold Has Now Advanced Into Turkey

Organo Gold can now has a branch in Turkey. According to an April press release from PRNewswire, Bernardo Chua has recently opened a branch in Turkey and becomes the 39th country into which Organo Gold has expanded. The company is known for its coffees, teas, and other products which are uniquely blended with the herb, Ganoderma. Ganoderma Lucidium is a mushroom that is highly regarded in China and is used to aid in building a strong and healthy body. It has been widely used since the Ming Dynasty. The products available in Turkey include the brand’s Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Mocha, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, King of Coffee, Espresso UNO, Espresso DUE and Espresso TRE.

Therefore, it was a natural move to add Turkey to Organo Gold’s rapidly growing list of countries in which it is available. Turkey understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the midst of its expanding, fast-paced lifestyle.

Chua appointed Paul Jarvis, the Regional Vice President of Europe, CIS, and Africa, to manage the Turkey expansion. The branch in Turkey unites Organo Gold’s Asian, European and African operations. Its location allows Organo Gold to better serve their distributors and customers in these regions.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold, a company he founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2008 and is a recipient of the Napolean Hill Foundation Gold Medal. Chua is the driving force behind Organo Gold’s rapid and huge success as a network-marketing organization. It has risen so quickly as an international company primarily because of its Independent Distributor network under the Chua’s guidance. For the American and Canadian consumer, Organo Gold also offers its diverse selection of products through the Coffee Connoisseur Club.

Looking Forward To The Future With Eucatex

Eucatex is a company that has a rich history, and they have been able to provide services that have helped businesses and people around the world. Eucatex is a company that is based in Brazil. Even though Eucatex is stationed in Brazil they have offices in The United States, Europe, Australia and beyond. Eucatex is a company that was started in 1951 and they began with just a few products. Over the last 60 years Eucatex has grown to have many different products and they have become a very well-known name when it comes to laminate floors, paint, wall partitions, doors, panels, hard boards, and much more.

Eucatex is a very unique company, because unlike many other companies in the 1950s they were already concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint. The original products made by Eucatex were made from eucalyptus and that is where the company originally got its name from. said that Eucatex has still held to its promise of doing what is best for the environment. They have a mission to use natural resources in order to create their products while at the same time promote social growth. They are a company that has values when it comes to the environment, humanity, and also their team. They are committed to the promotion of ethics and they encourage entrepreneurship and creativity with in the company. Eucatex also has an amazing recycling program. Even with in their own company they do all that they can to recycle all products possible, and they have a step-by-step program to recycle all residue that comes from their facilities.

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex. This company was a company that has been in his family for quite some time. Flavio showed much ambition when he began to work for his family company, and he was able to make it to President not because of family ties, but because of his own hard work, creativity, and because of the amazing contributions that he made to the business, ever since Flavio began working in Eucatex, he has been able to broaden the spectrum of their products, and also has done an amazing job of getting new clients and retaining the ones that they already possessed.

In reality Eucatex is a company that is compared to none not only with are their products sustainable, usable, and very well manufactured, but also their company model is outstanding, and they are one of the few companies in the world that have always put the environment first.

TOWN Residential Focuses on Growth and Transparency

Manhattan and New York City’s residential market is doing great according to Andrew Heiberger and he feels that his company, TOWN Residential, is in the perfect position to take advantage of that market. CEO Andrew Heiberger founded TOWN Financial in 2010 in Manhattan with a focus on NYC luxury real estate, high-end rentals and new development marketing for condominiums. Two years ago, TOWN had nine offices and over 520 licensed real estate agents and has since grown to eleven offices with over 650 real estate agents and staff.

Earlier this year, TOWN formed a partnership with the Miami based brokerage and development firm Fortune International. Fortune sold $4 billion of real estate last year and claims more than 35 percent of Miami’s real estate market. They have more than one thousand agents and will share marketing, communications and social media with TOWN. TOWN has many clients looking for properties in Miami and Fortune has clients looking for properties in New York City, so this partnership looks to be beneficial for both firms. Heiberger is already set to expand his business to London and he is also looking to expand in Los Angeles.

Heiberger is committed to being open and transparent about the amount of business TOWN does because he sees it as being beneficial to his representatives and clients. They want to know how much business TOWN does and how they compare to other brokerage firms, but some people feel this information should be confidential. Opening the books and sharing real numbers can be helpful in showing the type of growth that TOWN is going through. For instance, at the end of 2014, TOWN had $1.86 billion in total sales and lease which was 15.6 percent more than the end of 2013. As of June 30, 2015, TOWN had 2,056 sales and leases worth a total of $1.188 billion which is a 22 percent increase over the same time last year.

Town is a growing brokerage firm and they have the numbers to prove it. Heiberger is strategically looking to make partnerships with other brokerage firms to increase his growing operations. As long as the real estate market continues to strengthen, TOWN will continue to have success.

A Look at Organo Gold Coffee

Organo Gold is a Canadian based coffee company founded in Richmond, British Columbia. The slogan for the company “Bringing the Treasures of Earth to the People of the World” is well reflected in their superior coffee and tea products as well as their personal care line and natural pharmaceuticals (nutraceuticals). What makes Organo Gold such a unique company and makes it stand out in comparison to the many other companies of the world is their utilization of Ganoderma.

Ganoderma lucidum, a particular type of mushroom, known widely in Asian culture as a medicinal and supernatural mushroom grows on wood (from both live and dead trees) in the more tropical areas of Asia. As a result of the difficulty in finding the mushroom because of its affinity for growing in dense forestry comes the reference to “Bringing the Treasures of the Earth to the People of the World” because the mushroom is truly a treasure.

In North America, Organo Gold is the only company that employs the use of this “magical” mushroom. To do this, a Ganoderma organic plantation is used. This plantation happens to be one of the biggest in the world. Organo Gold is a company committed to sustaining the world and giving back to the planet and the people living on it at the same time. In more recent events, Organo Gold has teamed up with boxer Manny Pacquiao in an effort to improve the lives of others.

Bernardo Chua, the CEO of Organo Gold, is a Philippians native. He once served as President of the California based company Gano Excel. In addition Chua has successfully headed a number of MLM programs. Organo Gold is by far his biggest venture to date.

Products offered by Organo Gold include: various types and flavors of coffee including, black coffee, café latte, café mocha among others; an assortment of red, green and black teas; nutraceuticals including, mycelium, spore powder and even grape seed oil; and personal care products such as beauty soap and toothpaste. All products are available via their website through their affiliated vendors.
MLM marketing platforms are also available through Organo Gold. Distributors can enjoy the divine coffee and products sold, as well as the chance to earn great cash selling the products and recruiting new members to join the program.

How Capital Market Law Firms Help and Benefit Financial Companies

Nowadays, banks and other financial companies are being used constantly for loans. In fact, sometimes these companies need advising by professionals who know exactly how to help banks earn a bigger clientele, while making sure that they are gaining the best and greatest funds possible. These lawyers who help these banks with their financial situations work in the subject of Capital Market Law. Capital Market Law consists of subjects of banking and finance. It is not a surprise that banks and other financial companies around the world are prospering. Thanks to Capital Market Law and its lawyers, these financial companies are managing their funds and clientele perfectly.

In Capital Market Law companies, there are specially trained capital market lawyers, like Sam Tabar, that help financial businesses and banks manage special and detailed information. For example, these lawyers help companies by providing them with financial advice and allow them to raise funds through the international capital markets by issuing shares and bonds. Just by the shares and bonds, financial businesses can easily gain bigger funds in order to support the business and also provide some to their customers. Capital Market Lawyers are determined, have great commitment and carry intellectual rigour. When they apply these characteristics to their work with financial companies, the result is amazing.

Another pretty famous part of Capital Market Law are the international transactions. Many different banks and financial companies reach out to Capital Market Law Companies and ask for money transactions needed for the support. The great thing about the Capital Market Firms is that they easily and smoothly negotiate with these financial businesses and work out a deal in order transact and send the money over smoothly and quickly. Special capital market lawyers help to make these deals and processes simple and fast because many of these companies do carry a large client base, which makes it hard for them to find time to do other things that don’t focus on the customers. In fact, one of the most well known, hardworking, and fast-transacting capital marketing lawyers is Sam Tabar.

Overall, banks and financial companies sometimes need help when it comes to organizing important information and gaining funds, which is the main reason why they call on these Capital Market Firms. Lawyers work one on one with financial businesses to ensure that they are setup to be the most fit and attractive financial company, which, of course, will attract customers. Also, another great benefit of these Capital Market Law Firms is the funds that financial businesses can receive in order to supplement what they are desperately lacking in. Basically, these Capital Market Firms are supposed to be a strong supporter and leader for the financial companies in order to guide them and steer them back onto the right track if anything were to go wrong. Thankfully, there are great capital market lawyers out there, like Sam Tabar, who are helping these companies become the best they can be.

Spirituality Can Teach The Business World A Lot


The business world can be a great place when spirituality is applied to it. There are sure to be a lot of skeptics when this new tactic is added to a business, but once people see the results of spirituality in the business world they will be surprised. They will be left wondering why no one thought to bring the two together, before.
Spirituality can teach people a lot. It can make people get along better than ever before, and it can make them believe in each other and the set of skills that each of them has. When it is brought into a business it can make everything change. It can make the work environment better on the employees of a business, and it can make the business more appealing to everyone who has contact with it.
Joseph Bismark knew what he was doing when he started up his business with the goal of making spirituality a big part of it, and people can look up to him and what he has done when they are wanting to do the same. He was raised by monks, and the things that he learned from them are the things that he has carried with him into his business. He believes that respecting others is important, and he also believes that finding the power in oneself is important.
Joseph Bismark is a good example of what a businessman should be. He is kind to the people who work with him, he is respected by all who know him, and he is successful in all of the things that he does. So, everyone should know by looking to him that spirituality does have a place in the business world.
Any business really can be a great place when spirituality is added to it. More people should start thinking about adding it and making their businesses a better place for all who work there and deal with them.

How Investing Helps Build Wealth


There are many ways that people can earn more money over time. However, few things are as important and vital as investing. There are many ways in which a person can change their financial future by investing. If a person earns ten percent return on their investments, if they start investing just a couple hundred dollars per month when they are young they can retire with millions of dollars. There are several things to keep in mind when picking an investment to place money in to. One of the most important concepts of investing is the risk and return of a stock or other instrument. There are many investments that may offer a high annual return over time but their beta is quite high. The beta of a stock measures how risk or variable a stock is.

Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is one of the most well known investment advisers in the nation. He has many ideas about finance in general that have helped him build up a book of business that is full of thousands of people. If you are unsure of how to invest your money over time, it is important to use the services of someone that is an expert in the field. Over time this should result in higher returns for your portfolio.

Final Thoughts

Overall, investing is a great way for anyone to build wealth over time. There are many people that have built up a large amount of money over time by adopting simple investing strategies. At the end of the day, a person should stick with and choose a strategy that they feel comfortable over the long term with. There are many people that have written books on the subject, and someone like Brad Reifler is a great person to learn from.