Added Benefits of Shampoo

Our hair says a lot about how we are. When our hair looks good, that usually affects our mood in a positive way for the rest of the day. When our hair does not look good, the opposite happens. The way we take care of our hair plays a huge role in how our hair looks from day to day.

A traditional shampoo is the main product most people use on a daily basis. The product cleans hair and leaves it fresh looking. There are many shampoos out there that will do the job and many have added bonuses. Some shampoos are good for dry hair while others will add volume to flat hair. There is a lot that can be done with the right shampoo.

Chaz Dean is a celebrity hair stylist and he is the creator of Wen hair. He created a hair care line based on the idea of shampoo cleaning the hair, but he went about it from a natural approach. Chaz created a cleansing conditioner that will clean the hair, conditioner the hair, and make it manageable all in one bottle. He used all natural products that will not only make the hair healthier but will not strip the hair of any of its natural oils.

There are many shampoos out on the market. They are all based on the same principle of making the hair clean. Wen by Chaz goes a step further and will not only clean the hair but will improve hair with every use. Need Wen? Order a bottle from QVC today!

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Doe Deere Brings Bold Back To Makeup

Makeup-A woman’s battle armor or her most seductive accessory. It is something almost all women can share an opinion about. Whether we wear glitter or war paint, makeup marks our lives with its colors and styles. With all the brands to choose from, how do we know what makeup is the right choice? For those who are following the dark matte trends and love strong colors that make larger-than-life statements, Lime Crime has everything.
Recently, Central Jersey reviewed the Lime Crime beauty line, and put a spotlight on its founder, Doe Deere. Ever since Doe Deere flippantly chose the online handle “limecrime” for her Ebay account in 2004, makeup history was made. The Russian-born Doe Deere started with a home-crafted fashion line. Then, because Deere had trouble finding bold makeup for her own signature look, she began to create her own in 2008. The motus operandi for her makeup line is focused on the brightest, most expressive colors available, and that includes the packaging. Their products are expressly cruelty-free, and since 2012 has been entirely vegan.
Before she had begun partnering with larger retailers, Doe Deere built a cult following of like-minded individuals who saw makeup not only as a way to enhance natural beauty, but to express an art form. These fans and followers are affectionately known by Deere as “Unicorns” because of their artistic spirits and love of colors. Deere has provided eyeliners, eye shadows, and lip-wear for her unicorns. In fact, her company was one of the first to pioneer the matte lipstick look, and many dupe shades of famous brands can be purchased from Lime Crime.
Deere recounts her history of trying out bold and not necessarily popular looks at slumber parties and on Instagram. The Unicorns who found her posts were inspired to just play with makeup and have fun, instead of using it to try and achieve a certain beauty archetype or standard. Girls and women all over found the message positive and propelled Lime Crime to worldwide popularity. In combination with their cruelty-free and now vegan policy, Lime Crime is in the prime position to be a heavy-hitting brand, available online and in store fronts in several cities. To read the entire release about Lime Crime, head over to Central Jersey.

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Lime Crime Works for Different Looks

Kylie Jenner has released Lip Kits which are best sellers. These are make up products that are helping to bring out the best looks for women. While they aren’t the cheapest items to buy, they are still very popular among women of various ages. Among the people that pay for the product are adult women and teenage women. Kylie Jenner Dupes include Candy K, Dolce K, True Brown K, and plenty of other products that have been selling out for Jenner. Make up is one of the products that are not going to go away anytime soon. High quality make up companies help people bring out a really good look that they will enjoy.

Among the high quality make up companies is Lime Crime, who has a storefront on Amazon. Lime Crime is not only selling high quality make up, but also a wide variety of make up that will help people figure out what look they want to achieve. This will not only be helpful to people that are trying ot put together an effortless look, they can also find some kind of method for artistic expression that will satisfy them. With Lime Crime, people will be able to go outside of the norm in order to put together a look that they will feel good about.

Lime Crime has been started by Doe Deere with the intention of putting together some make up products that people will be satisfied with because they are high in quality and affordable as well. People are encouraged to put together a very unique artistic look so that they can truly express themselves and present their true selves to the others. Lime Crime products could be found in department stores and mass merchandisers like DollsKill, where make up is sold. Lime Crime has tons of lipstick, eyeliner, blush and any other set of products.  There are even good ideas on what to do with Lime Crime, from Tumblr users.

You Tube + Subscription Channel + Perseverance = Fame + $

You Tube was started in 2005 and with its inception changed the way people seek out information and have fun; often times in the same place. One way is via channels on You Tube. These are made by individuals where videos can be uploaded to their own channel indefinitely. From these channels, have come many widely recognized and now famous names; PewDiePie and Niga Higa to name a few. Some people, such as Wengie, are on their way to international stardom, if not already there, from this spectacular concept called You Tube.

Sweden’s PewDiePie, A.K.A., Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, is the most popular You Tuber in the world right now. He is a gamer who plays a variety of video games and describes the action as it occurs. He keeps the audience’s attention with constant joking around and editing of himself in the videos.

PewDiePie’s main appeal seems to be that he is absolutely hilarious. He also opens his introduction by referring to everyone as “bros”. This appeal cannot be underestimated in a digital and electronic age where so many people are looking for a place to feel a part of something, a family. PewDiePie is very successful at reaching out to his subscribers and responding to comments and questions on his channel with a personal touch.

NigaHiga, A.K.A., Ryan Higa, was one of the first major You Tube stars. Higa is funny and action oriented. He is constantly in motion and keeps his subscribers enthralled with his brand of quick witted humor. Higa is renowned for his videos and short films with a comedic flair.

He recently launched a mobile app in 2015. The new app is a way to connect with his fans and offer them additional content not found on his You Tube site. Ryan Higa states on his official site that, “He continues to concentrate on his passion: making people laugh”.

Wengie, A.K.A., Wendy Huang, is Chinese-Australian and multi-faceted with her talents and skills. She has developed a beautifully put together You Tube site that is both up beat and inspiring to her subscribers. She offers beauty tips, wellness information, style suggestions, diet health plan ideas and weekly giveaways. Her beauty channel is currently the fifth most subscribed channel in Australia. According to Wengie “creating You Tube channels are my passion”.

Wengie is also a blogger. She routinely writes about fashion, beauty and personal issues and has been doing so since 2010. It seems only natural that Wendy is also CEO of Style Alley. Style Alley is an online shopping market for ladies to locate deals on gently used treasures so they can always have something “new” in their closet.

You Tube has changed what popular means to many in our modern day society. Information can be gathered on You Tube and education as well. Anyone can start a channel at anytime. Who knows who will be the next famous You Tuber; how young or how old, there is no limit to the possibilities in this new world. It could be you…