Igor Cornelsen’s Journey To Become A Proficient Investor

Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He then attained his university education at the Federal University of Parana enrolling in an engineering program. Along the way, Igor felt that his destiny was in the economic sector. He first worked as a banker until when he retired in 2010. He currently lives in South Florida where he has excelled as a top investor in the volatile stock market. Igor is presently engaged with the Bainbridge Group which invests in the stock market for commodity and foreign exchange investment.

Igor has turned out to be an exemplary professional in investing. He made his name while he was still a banker by managing to rise to be among one of the top financial accountants in the country. His success in investing can be attributed to his rich background in the financial industry. Apart from all these, he serves as a consultant in his areas of expertise which are banking and investment. These include his familiarity in guiding numerous venture capitalists to making more effective long-term investments. Igor Cornelsen also advises his clients against investing in broken companies and instead concentrating on damaged stocks.

One of the things that he advises people on is to start as soon as possible. This is because time is a fundamental component of many investments. He added that an individual should begin to invest their money as early as they can. He emphasises that age is not a limit when it comes to investing your money. If a person desires to maximise profits in their returns, they should start as soon as possible.

During an interview, the economics proficient gave his opinions on the critical things that have motivated him to be a prosperous investor. Dissimilar to other investors who depend on trends and the capability to theorise about coming turns in the market, Igor Cornelsen emphasises that he only uses facts to make his decisions. He studies the economies of the countries in which he invests so that he can be aware of any sudden changes. During times of political disputes and economic downfall, he ensures that he sells part of his shares on the affected areas.

Igor Cornelsen desires to help individuals comprehend that investing should not be taken as a joke. He says every beginner requires proper guidance before indulging in such. One has to assess their financial capabilities and define their risk tolerance level.