Lime Crime Expands Popular Liquid Lipstick Collection


Lime Crime, the Los Angeles, California based cosmetics company, released a new shade of liquid lipstick, adding to their sensationally popular ‘Velvetine’ line.


The new shade, ‘Scandal’, is an intense plum matte shade that pairs perfectly with black and leather. ‘Scandal’ is in line to follow current makeup trends that lean towards bold and dark colors as well as the increasingly popular matte finish. Like all the Velvetine lipsticks from Lime Crime, this shade has an exceptionally long lasting formula that does not dry out or become flaky. The product retails for $20.00 USD and can be purchased online at


To achieve best application results, wearers should apply a thin layer of lip balm fifteen minutes before application. Be sure to gently blot off excess oils, then apply lipstick directly to lips with the included applicator wand or a separate lipstick brush. The product will dry to a velvety but long-lasting finish that can be removed with a waterproof makeup remover or natural oil, such as coconut or olive oil.


Lime Crime strives to create a makeup line that is cruelty-free and vegan, as well as edgy. The trendsetting company with a cult-like online following of over 2.6 million people was founded and conceptualized by CEO, Doe Deere. According to Deere, Lime Crime products, and makeup in general, are not intended to simply cover imperfections, but serve as a form of self-expression.


For more information on this popular cosmetic line and their products, visit, or the official blog run by CEO, Doe Deere,

Doe Deere, The Cosmetic Industry Trail Blazer

Doe Deere is the founder, inventor, and CEO of the cosmetic company called Lime Crime. She didn’t just start out with a cosmetic company. It took some time for the cosmetic company to become an idea and then it slowly developed. She actually started out selling second hand clothes on eBay, with her own store called Thunderwear. Soon, she was not only selling second hand clothes, she was redesigning them, to the point of making the articles of clothing have no resemblance to the original clothing pieces. That started Doe Deere thinking about designing her own clothes, which she did. Her eBay clothing store would no longer sell other people’s clothing designs, but she would sell her own.

After some time, she designed and developed a website, she called Lime Crime which is where she marketed her clothing designs and taught makeup techniques that she posted on her website and on These makeup tutorials, as she referred to them, displayed her carefully perfected makeup applying methods, using very bright colors of all combinations. Doe Deere developed a following of people whom frequented her website, to watch her makeup tutorials as quickly as she would record them. The makeup tutorials became immensely popular, even more popular than her clothing line and designs, so she stopped designing clothes and decided to focus all of her attention and efforts on makeup application, color combinations and creating her own cosmetic line.

The Lime Crime website soon became known as the place where Doe Deere would display her new cosmetics line that she designed and developed. She created the bright spectrum of colors in her makeup lines and series. She also came up with the individual names for every one of her makeup products. She also designed and created her own packaging for her makeup products. The website which at one time showed only her makeup tutorials, now serves a bigger purpose for her cosmetic company. She brilliantly markets her cosmetic lines, she demonstrates her innovative techniques of applying makeup and she also plans for future cosmetic lines.

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur, business woman, website designer, artist, model and teacher. She is someone who started with nothing and built for herself, a thriving cosmetics company, becoming successful, and earning an excellent reputation as an ethical business woman. Doe Deere is someone that should be watched in the near future, because she will be making huge strides for the cosmetic industry. But she probably won’t stop there. She will probably go on to doing great things for any industry she chooses to be apart of, no matter what it is, because she’s that type of person she is.