Eric Pulier; an Entrepreneur and a philanthropist

Eric Pulier is brilliant Entrepreneur, a published author a Columnist, a public speaker, and philanthropic. He is a grandaunt of Harvard Campus with an Arts Degree in American and English literature. He has spent most of life transforming the lives of those around him and especially the most disadvantaged in the society and children with chronic diseases. His major focus on technological innovations, especially in the healthcare industry. Eric has made major contributions in the world of technology through innovative ideas. His contributions started while he was studying at Harvard University where he wrote several columns as a student journalist where he explored several topics. After his studies, he moved to Los Angeles and founded an Organization called People doing Things. The aim was to offer Technological Innovations to the Healthcare sector and education. He later founded interactive agency which he called Digital Evolution in 1994.

The agency grew very fast, and in 1997 Eric was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to offer technical expertise during the Inauguration. His Technology was to help in presidential technology exhibit which was dumped; The Bridge to the 21st Century which was displayed in Washington D.C. Pulier’s interactive Agency was later merged with the US Interactive LLC in 1998. Eric has put his name on the forefront of technology. His contribution in the world of technology has seen to life many companies. He has together with others founded and funded multiple companies. Some of the main companies that have benefited from His contribution include SOA software, US Media interactive LLC, Media Platform, and Desktone among others.

Eric’s philanthropic work started when he created a multimedia education platform to educate people who had multiple sclerosis about their condition. In the year 1995, he together with others developed the first ever private social media network. The idea was to help children with chronic diseases to connect and interact with each other.

Mr. Pulier said in an interview with Media said that his success is based on two of his beliefs. He believes that it is important to push through tough times because not everything works the first time and that creativity comes from making non-obvious links between concepts learned through reading various books.

About Eric Pulier: