Venezuela’s 2 Day Work Week Extended

As El Nacional reported, state employees in Venezuela can now return to work on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays until 1:00 pm. The increase from the two day work week to three is due to the rising levels of water at the Guir reservoir, which helps to supply the country’s electricity.
The country has previously decreed a two day work week for state employees in an effort to cut the cost and consumption of electricity. In addition, schools had been closing on Fridays and the government imposed strict electricity quotas on the weekend. This decree has helped to decrease the amount of electricity used in Venezuela.

Critics to this decree, like David Osio stated that closing schools on Fridays hurt children, limiting their education. They are also stating that the rationing is due to corruption by the government as well as poor management.

These cuts are the latest in addition to shortages of many food items and medicine, as well as rising prices.