Well Known Antique Arms Historian and Writer Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is one of the most passionate individuals of antique arms. For forty years he has studied and collected a vast amount of arms from past historical eras. With this collection and frequent study, Michael has accumulated lots of knowledge which he has been looking to share with others. As a result he has appeared on a number of television shows on the History Channel. During his appearances on the History Channel, Michael has talked about the various antique arms he has collected and their significance in the many armed conflicts that they were used in. However antique arms such as guns are not the only weapons that Zomber is very passionate about.

Zomber is very passionate about samurai swords as well and has collected many of these over the years. Like the antique arms, Michael has frequently studied the samurai swords and has gathered a lot of knowledge about them. However instead of talking about them on television he has made a number of stories. These stories have depicted the armed conflicts and times that these swords were used. He has made these stories in the form of screenplays and novels. Each of these writing projects have provided a look into the life, times and use of the samurai swords. As well as writing screenplays and novels, Michael has made a documentary film from his film company Renascent Films LLC.

While Michael Zomber is very passionate about antique arms and samurai swords, he believed that it would be in his best interest to pursue philanthropy. He is very aware of the negative consequences of warfare and therefore participates in organizations that advocate peace. Over the years Michael has helped a number of organizations prevent war, provide better healthcare and provide more quality education. As a result Michael has contributed to helping make the world a better place for others.

With his knowledge of antique arms, Michael has established himself as one of the more prominent historians. He is among the most trusted individuals when it comes to talking about weapons from past historical eras. As a result he is currently an active speaker on television as well as making stories about these unique historical time periods.  Check out Michael’s full story on About.me.

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How Yeonmi Park’s Struggle Can Help Others

In Order To Live tells a harrowing tale through the eyes of the girl who lived it. It is a gripping depiction of how unsurmountable pain and hardship can be overcome with a heart that is willing to fight to survive. Yeonmi Park is a person who has had to live through the unimaginable and has come out of the difficulties to rise above her circumstances.

The book helps outsiders to understand the hardships that are happening all around the world that they are unaware of. It definitely makes the reader forever grateful for simple things like food and clean water. For a young girl to live through the brutality, deaths, and even rapes that Yeonmi Park has lived through makes one reflect on how lucky we are to simply be alive.

Yeonmi Park was a happy little girl who was somewhat oblivious to the hardships around her in North Korea. That is until her father was imprisoned for selling items on the black market to try to feed his family. There was no trial and no judge, just prison. This is when young Yeonmi realized that life was not as good as she had thought.

Following her father’s imprisonment she had to endure hunger that brought her family close to starvation. She saw family members killed, others simply disappeared. She and her mother decided it was time to take fate into their own hands and they fled to China. The person hired to smuggle them there, sold them into sex slavery.

The book according to the NY Times,  depicts these struggles and so many more than a young Yeonmi Park had to endure. She was a broken child who finally reached South Korea. When she arrived she decided to help others and get her story out. She has made public speeches on Youtube and has commenced a career as a human rights activist.

The book is meant to demonstrate the hardships that not only she, but others remaining in North Korea must endure. Yeonmi Park feels compelled to aid others in their struggle to find freedom. She never realized what true freedom was until she was able to escape and now wants to help others escape as well.