About The 990 Company And Its Founder Gregory D. Hague

The 990 Company has a unique program that allows a win-win program in real estate. For a period of not less than 35 years, thousands of real estate agents have used the company’s formula to attract a lot of business and earn very big amounts in percentage commissions. The same program of 990 sells homes ensures that their sellers are able to attract more buyers and in the process, save money that could have gone to commissions. At first, many people do not actually believe that sellers can save on commissions while agents earn commissions that are normal.

The first thing towards the agent making money is by starting marketing aggressively into the community and when home sellers contact, he assures them that he will be in a position to offer them with a 990 Opportunity as an addition to the commissions they are supposed to earn. The homes are then listed with their normal percentage commission and offered the traditional marketing and services. However, they are offered one difference; that is the marketer allowing sellers to be in a position to host their homes open and proceed to charge them a commission of not less than $990 in the event that they get a buyer who is not working with a real estate agent.

With the program, sellers do not sell their own homes. In the event that they find a buyer who is interested and does not have an agent, they simply refer them to the marketer. Another good thing with the program is the fact that it protects cooperative agents. When buyers view their homes and decide to buy, the sales are automatically directed to the marketer who earns a commission as a result. The marketer also earns a full percentage commission on sales made to buyers that are got as a result of his advertising.

Gregory D Hague is an American businessman and a real estate consultant based in Arizona. He is Miami University graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in 1971. He also received his Juris Doctor degree from the American University Washington College of Law. He received his license to practice law at the age of 26 and a similar one to practice real estate dealings when he was only 18.

Hague is well known for his passion when at work or when he wants to achieve something. In the year 2009, he enrolled for the bar review course at Arizona School of Law and continued to study for not less than 14 hours daily seven days for five months. He received the highest score in the bar exam. He has succeeded in different fields because he is dedicated and focused on what he wants to achieve and goes to any extent to do exactly that.

FreedomPop’s Brilliant New Wi-Fi Smartphone

The whole concept FreedomPop is based on is the notion people need budget mobile phones. Not everyone has the funds to pay huge monthly fees for phone, text, and internet service. FreedomPop now has a solution for those who are looking for a far less expensive alternative to more commonly available cellular service. The arrival of FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi first smartphone delivers amazing technology, reliable service, and affordable costs.

The smartphone is slated to debut in 2016.

Cnet has published and interesting article that goes into great depth about the Wi-Fi first smartphone. The article goes into great depth about the price of the phone, details on the processor, how it will be manufactured, and what it will cost.

The question many Itunes consumers are sure to have is “Why purchase a Wi-Fi smartphone?” For those who might have a very limited budget and need to use their phone frequently, a Wi-Fi phone utilizes the very inexpensive concept of VoIP (Voice over IP) calling. To access VoIP service, all the user has to do is connect to a Wi-Fi signal at a hotspot. Connecting to a cellular service becomes unnecessary. As a result, there is no draining of data or minutes from a cellular plan.

Staying in the “Wi-Fi loop” should not be too difficult. There are scores of FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspots all across the United States. This delivers unlimited talk, text, and data. Again, those with a limited budget or those who just want a second phone will find this deal an excellent one.

The Los Angeles-based FreedomPop is growing its presence all across the globe. The eventual release of this Wi-Fi smartphone should further establish the company’s place as a hot, up-and-coming budget phone service.

CipherCloud Has Always Been Trying To Do Things Right

CipherCloud is a very smart company that many people have come to trust to keep them safe. The company knows how best to do things to keep people safe when they are on the internet, and it is a company that has been doing many good things since it first came out. People see it for all that it is doing, and many people have begun to back it. They love that it cares so much about keeping everyone safe while they are online, and they love that it is a company that is working hard to improve the things that it is doing all of the time.

CipherCloud was founded in 2010, and since then many people have begun to use it and trust it for the service that it is giving them. They are happy with how secure they feel when they are protected by it, and they know that CipherCloud is going to continue to be there for them as time goes on. The company has many smart and ambitious people working for it, and the CEO has even received awards for the good work that he has done for the company. Whenever any kind of company is wanting to succeed, it is going to have to know that the people who are backing it are standing behind it and doing all that they can to make it better, and that is one of the reasons that CipherCloud has been able to do so well.
Whenever anyone needs a company to be there for them to help them to be as secure as possible when they are going on the internet, they are going to want to look to CipherCloud for the kind of service that it offers. It is a company that has always been determined to do things right, and that is a great thing to see.

Caring For Your Dog With Beneful By Purina Take Time Out Of Your Busy Life To Love Your Dog

My days are so busy lately. I work a normal nine to five job, which I enjoy. I love my job because I get to interact with such nice people on a daily basis. My coworkers are by best friends. I could basically roll a sleeping bag out in my office space and live there. I don’t think my manager on twitter.com would even turn his head at this because he just trusts me. I do my job, and I do my job well. I have a super busy life. I’m planning our wedding and our honey moon. Then, we have a baby on the way, so it’s just going to keep getting busier as time goes on. I’m okay with this because I’m used to it, but still, I know I have to make time for those I love. I love my dog, so I make it a point to take time out of my busy schedule to spend time with him.

We go on walks every morning. Sometimes I’m running late, but we still go on walks. I don’t care what time the clock says. He is more important than the stares I get when I walk in fifteen minutes past seven. My dog is probably, safely my best friend (apart from my wife, of course). When it snows outside, guess what? We put on our snow boots. The dog wears his wool jacket. He doesn’t seem to mind. He doesn’t mind the rain either. I have a doggy rain coat for him, but he seems like he doesn’t like it. I never use an umbrella for myself, but when we go walking in the rain I bring an umbrella for him. That’s just a few examples of how much I care about the furry dude.

I care about his diet also. I get him food he likes to eat. The bag says it is nutritious, so I believe them. The dog food company is called Purina. We get the type called Beneful on walmart. He chows down every morning and every evening on the stuff. I guess you could call him a chow hound. He probably gets it from me. We sit at the table, my wife and I, watching him go to town on those Beneful bites. After all, he is far more interesting than everything on television these days. I used to watch old Lassie re-runs, but they don’t seem to come on anymore. My dog reminds me of Lassie, except Lassie never had an appetite like he does. My dog would eat the whole bag of Beneful dog food. If you accidentally leave it out or unattended, forget it. That bag would be gone. That’s why we bought one of those plastic containers that shuts tight, so he can try to get into it, but that thing is sealed tight. My dog is quite a character. He could have his own comic. He is hillarious. 

Brad Reifler Stands Tall with Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler has been in the trading world since 1982 when Wikipedia shows he first started up Reifler Trading Co. Since then he has been an active member of several different corporations, ultimately ending up as the CEO of Forefront Management Group back in 2009. As the CEO of Forefront Management he has helped to turn the company into a global force in the financial world of trading. Now Reifler is turning his attention to a new cause: Forefront Income Trust.

For the longest time Reifler and his trading companies have focused primarily on the accredited investors due, primarily, to the fact that they are able to make riskier and higher earning investments. Accredited investors are labeled by the SEC if they meet one of the following qualifications: an accredited investor must have a net worth of at least $1 million, excluding any real estate that is listed as a primary residence. An accredited investor is also someone who makes $200,000 per year or $300,000 per year with a spouse. These numbers are occasionally redefined by the SEC but they don’t tend to get much more lenient.

Brad Reifler knows what it is like to struggle as an investor. Years ago he began investing in public college savings plans. He had put money into 529 different plans that were open to the public. By the time his kids were ready to attend college he had seen his investment drop by 40%, worth less than what he had even put into it. Reifler cites this experience as one of the reasons he decided to start Forefront Income Trust. The other reason was that his father in law failed to properly invest his life savings due to failing to reach the accredited threshold. Reifler had been entrusted with moving his money around and ultimately he had found more walls than open doors.

Forefront Income Trust’s primary goal is to be a safe place for investors to start growing their portfolio. Reifler told reporters that Forefront Income will offer an excellent ‘preferred 8 percent return’ which is pretty rare in the financial world. Investors can get a piece of Forefront Income as long as they can meet the modest threshold of $2,500 as an entry fee. Clients who decide to take advantage of the new company will have the option to withdraw or add money every single quarter. To further mitigate risks in investments, Forefront Income is not correlated with the stock market. This gives investors room for higher growth with lessened risk, ultimately helping the newer traders actually establish themselves. Reifler also points out that Forefront Income Trust will also focus on diversification to help spread risk around in order to help clients. A tidbit that he talks about himself, for anybody getting started with investing.

The Life And Career Of Lime Crime And Doe Deere

Have you ever noticed that make up is basically the same. The cosmetic companies just try to out do each other. But there is one individual who is not in that race on ideamensch.com. Her name is Doe Deere, and she wants to stand apart.

The company Lime Crime, a vegan friendly cosmetic company, came to life in 2008, and has been very successful from the moment of inception. This make up consist of loose pigments, rainbow colored liquid liners, pastel nail polish, glittery lip gloss and lipsticks to die for. In 2009 the company saw a lot of growth and revenue, and not surprisingly has continue to make strides.

Doe Deere was not surprised by her success. She states that since she was a child she had a love for makeup. Her path was an interesting one. She first attended FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, to study fashion design. But another bug hit her, and she dropped out to start her own clothing line, which she named Lime Crime. Hence the name. But this was not to be her last stop, just her transition. While designing her own clothes, she yearned to do something with make up, and this was how it all started.

One thing she wanted was that her make up must be cruelty-free. She claims she fantasies a lot and this has helped her come up with the different names for her make up. She figures this way it would keep the customer interested. Deere says why she uses the color purple is because when she looks at it, it’s always changing, and that depicts her.

When she started her company, she wanted someone who saw her vision, and wanted to work with her only because she wanted to develop her products herself, just not handing it over to another company, then stamping her approval. There were nasty things said about her in the beginning, but she chose to rise above it. She used the negative criticisms and drew strength from it. She takes her customers very seriously, she really listen to what they have to say, because without them there won’t be any Lime Crime. Also having respect for her vendors and employees, has helped tremendously.

Doe Deere found her niche, and she wants everyone to know, that if you are passionate about something and you really think it would work. Trust your gut-use your gut to guide you. Deere would say. If you never try; you will never know what you can do. Her only regret is that she wished she had started on this journey earlier.

The Successful Career of Dan Newlin as a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer offers legal representation to anyone who has suffered injury caused by a company, another person and negligence by a medical practitioner or an agency. An individual can suffer psychological or physical damages owing to injury and accidents. Such people are called personal injury victims and are entitled to a financial compensation for the damages caused.

To become a personal injury attorney one requires to train from a recognized law school. Once you complete law school, you undertake three main exams. These bar examinations are the Multi state Bar Examination, the Multi state Essay Examination and the Multi state Professional Responsibility Exam. After being admitted to the bar, attorneys are required keep abreast with the emerging legal and non-legal developments in their areas of specialization. From time to time, they take Continuing Legal Education courses with the view to remaining relevant with the legal practice and serve the public better.

When handling clients, a personal injury attorney is supposed to have high ethical and moral standards. Aside from being well learned, they should exercise client confidentiality and protect their client’s images through accurate representation of facts. According to the code of conduct, lawyers should show competence and evaluate all legal matters. In addition, they are expected to give sound advice to their clients without the view of exploiting them.
Dan Newlin is an attorney who started his career as a fire fighter and law enforcement officer for the New Chicago, Indiana Police and Fire Department. He moved on to serve in the Orange County Sheriff’s office for a period of ten years. In 1997, he joined the Florida State College of Law where he undertook a degree in law. He is licensed to practice law in Chicago and Illinois. While working in the enforcement department, Newlin recorded success in different undertakings and was recognized for his efforts to enhance public safety.

To make it easier for clients to contact him, Dan teamed with telecommunications companies like T- Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon to personalize his office contact number. He chose the hash tag #Dan as his law firm’s number. The number is accessible to residents of Central Florida, South Florida and the Greater Chicago area. His team focuses on auto accidents, personal injuries, motor cycle accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, truck accidents and all injury cases. His law firm gives free consultation to all clients.

Dan interviews clients, evaluates their cases and does research on such cases. He provides advisory services to his clients on the various measures that should be taken before filing a complaint, drafting the required documents and then presenting such petitions to the court. In some cases, he prefers out of the court settlements, which are faster and convenient to both parties in a case.

Learn About Computer Sciences Corporation

There are a lot of things to know about Computer Sciences Corporation. To learn more about the company, continue to read on.

What Does The Company Do
Computer Sciences Corporation, or CSC, is a global company that offers people IT services, as well as solutions. The goal of CSC is to help clients get excellent returns on their investment via the best solutions, as well as through domain expertise.

Solutions CSC Provides
The company provides a wide range of IT solutions, and this includes application services, cloud solutions/services, infrastructure services, cyber security and more. CSC serves various solutions to various industries, which include, but not limited to, chemical, automotive, banking, consumer, financial and retail to name just a few.

More Information About The Company
As people are now aware of, CSC provides quality IT solutions and services, but they have the experience to back their work up. The company has been in business for more than 50 years, and they have a rich history. The company has been around for such a long time because of the expertise they have and the quality of the services they offer. CSC also has a highly skilled management team that has years of both domestic and international IT experience.

Who Is Eric Pulier
CSC is a popular company that provides IT solutions and services, but not tech or IT article would be complete without mentioning Eric Pulier, who is not employed or affiliated with CSC. The reason why he needs to be mentioned is because he is well-known in the tech industry and has founded companies such as People Doing Things and Desktone. Pulier is a highly skilled entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is a donor to a number of non-profit organizations.

CSC is a great company people should consider doing business with, and if someone has the chance to do business with Pulier, they should do that too.

The Rise of Qnet


There are people all over the world that are interested in becoming their own boss. For people in many countries, it is difficult to go out and start a traditional business due to a lack of capital funding. For these people, Qnet represents a great solution to this issue. Qnet allows people to buy and sell things online for a profit. There are many people that have been able to make several thousand dollars a month through their website. For people around the world in poorer countries, this can be life changing money that makes a difference for generations. Anyone that is interested in selling products on Qnet can set up a store quiet easily. This is one of the best aspects of the site, and is one of the reasons that so many people have signed up and started selling products to people around the world. Due to the high margins on the products, many people are able to make a profit quickly. Users of the site can also get other people to sign up to sell products on Qnet. This leads to getting some commissions on the sales of the people that sign up under their store.

Selling Products

One of the great things about having a business on Qnet is the fact that selling products is fairly simple. Some people decide that they want to sell just a couple of products, while other people want to sell everything that the site has to offer. The great thing about Qnet is that people can customize their experience and what they decide to do in terms of owning their own business. There are even some people that are known for selling only one product on their site and specializing in that one product. Anyone that wants to succeed over the long term need to have a plan and execute it for Qnet.

Building a Business

There are several different ways in which people can build a business on Qnet. There are ways in which people have taken a different approach to building a business on the site. Qnet operates in a way in which it is helpful to the people that are selling the products. This is why they have such a large number of people that are signed up to sell products through the site. Qnet is great for people that want to buy and sell products in a way that earns them extra money every month through commissions. Overall, Qnet has done a great job of setting sellers up for success over the long term on the site. This is a great way for anyone to start being in business for themselves.

Bruce Levenson Soars in Big Sale of Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks, for a long time, were mired in the sort of mediocrity that keeps franchises from growing in a meaningful way. In the ’90s we saw an Atlanta team that was too good to tank for elite talent but not good enough to overcome some of the Eastern Conference Juggernauts: MJ’s Bulls or the Bad Boy Pistons. When Bruce Levenson took over for the team in the early ’00s he was inheriting a franchise in disarray. In 2004, Levenson’s first full year as a majority owner, the team was coming off of back to back abysmal seasons. Fan attendance couldn’t sink lower as the Hawks were ranked 30th in the entire NBA in terms of how many fans they brought in to their home games. Levenson had just paid a pretty penny, over $200 million, for the team and it was starting to look like an uphill battle.

Flash Forward to 2014
After 10 years as the owner of the team we saw the Atlanta Hawks make a great run under owner Bruce Levenson. Atlanta made it to the Eastern Conference Finals after setting a franchise record for regular season wins with 60. Multiple Hawk starters made it into the All Star Game and the Hawks were behind only Golden State in the regular season standings. This season, which filled Atlanta fans with so much joy, was the perfect send off for Levenson to sell the team. It was also the perfect contrast to where the franchise had stood when Levenson acquired it so many years prior. What exactly had happened to bring the team to this level?

Spending the Right Way
In the NBA there are really only two ways you can build a team: through free agency or through drafting. Hitting in the draft comes down to either getting lucky with a late round pick or being bad enough to land a lottery pick. The Hawks hadn’t had much luck in either category as they made some boneheaded picks in the lottery and missed in the later rounds. Fortunately, however, Atlanta knew how to spend their free agency dollars to great effect.

Levenson’s first big signing was in 2005 when he brought in budding star Joe Johnson from the Phoenix Suns. Johnson was an immediate impact scorer and ‘go to’ player in late game situations. He would become the center piece around which Levenson would rise the team from the ashes. Drafted players like Al Horford and Jeff Teague turned into stars and future free agency signings in Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver completely changed team culture. It’s rare for a team to hit on so many big off season contracts, but hit they did.

The Big Sale
With Atlanta now a yearly contender it only made sense for Bruce Levenson to try and sell the team at peak value. The sale of the L.A. Clippers had temporarily boosted market value of the teams and there was an eager buyer lurking in billionaire Antony Ressler. Levenson would end up selling the team for a cool $825 million, more than double what the Hawks were initially valued at back in 2013.