Jeremy Goldstein’s Philanthropic Works

There’s one man whom every New York-based company goes to when they need legal advice. That man is Jeremy Goldstein, founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Jeremy Goldstein has practiced law in New York for over 20 years and sat in a chair on the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Business Section.

Lately, he’s dedicated much of his time to working with non-profits in the Metro New York area. He serves as a member on the Board of the New Leadership Council of Make-AWish Foundation. Most of his philanthropic work is with Fountain House.

Fountain House focuses their efforts on helping people with mental illness. They cover all aspects of recovery from acknowledging the problem to reconstructing someone’s life after recovery. Recently, Jeremy Goldstein began hosting wine dinners to raise money for the foundation. Last year, he held two wine dinners that raised over $56,000 for Fountain House.

The dinners were held on the rooftop of the NoMad Hotel, overlooking the New York skyline. The first dinner was successful, raising $33,000, and guests enjoyed themselves so much; they demanded that Goldstein host another wine dinner. A week later, he organized a second dinner and raised $23,000.

Aside from hosting his own events, he also attended Fountain House Tenth Annual Fountain House Fall Fete last year. This Fountain House event focuses on people’s efforts to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness. At last year’s Fall Fete, they honored George Petrides, a banker who specializes in mergers and acquisitions.

Petrides decided to work with a non-profit after reaching a certain point in life. Petrides, himself, went through a rough times and wanted to provide the same help people gave him when he was struggling.


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