The three pillars that Richard Blair will use in financial planning

Everyone will need the help of coming up with a plan so that to assist in the pursuit of financial goals and that is what Richard Blair believes. Richard Blair has one goal in mind, and that is he will be able to assist the community members in coming up with the financial roadmap that will help in the retirement years, and they will be able to manage their wealth too. With those kinds of skills then the community members will have the needed skills in guiding them through the milestones that life brings. Richard will follow an approach that consists of three pillars so that to come up with a financial plan. The pillar gives him an opportunity of looking at the needs of the client and the customer financial situation so that to come up with the holistic plan.

The first pillar is all about establishing the goal and needs of the clients and coming up with clear expectations. The second pillar is coming up with the long-term investments strategies that will be in-tuned with the needs of the client. The third pillar after Richard has discovered the needs of the clients and came up with the strategy, then he will sit with the client so that to review the set strategy and then implement and monitor.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions that is based in Austin, Texas that is registered with investment advisory firm. The goal that the company has with the help of Richard is that they will be able to make a difference that is positive and significant in the lives of families, individuals, and owners of small business. From his childhood years, he learned how knowledge was able to change the life of someone because his grandmother, mother, and wife were all teachers. He combined that with the natural aptitude for finance that he had, and Richard knew that he was in a position of helping people when it came to the financial planning and investments. After he finished his school, he entered in the financial services immediately in 1994.