Bruno Fagali’s Blog Makes a Difference for Clients

     When Bruno Fagali started his blog, he knew it was a way for him to connect with people. He also knew it was something he could keep using so he could help more people. For Bruno Fagali, the point of doing all this was giving others a chance to continue seeing positive experiences they could benefit from. While Bruno Fagali knew there were things he had to do, he also knew there were positive experiences that came from the hard work he put in the business. As a lawyer, he felt good about showing people what they could get and how they could make things better for themselves. No matter what, he felt his job as an attorney should come before everything else he did. It was his goal to make that his top priority when he was running the blog and showing people how they could do different things.

Thanks to the hard work he put in the blog and everything else that came along with the blog, Bruno Fagali knew how to show people what they could get out of different situations. Even when he was working to try things on his own, Bruno Fagali felt there were positive experiences that came from the industry options he had. It helped him see things would keep getting better and everything he had to do to make a difference. While Bruno Fagali liked doing these things, he felt good about the options he had and the ability he had to make his clients feel good.

Despite running into some problems, Bruno Fagali felt the blog was his best choice. He saw it as a way to keep making money and keep helping other people with the issues they were having. Bruno Fagali always knew the blog would be profitable for his business. It turned out to be a great business decision because he has more clients with it. It not only gives him a place to share advice but also helps him connect with potential clients who need all the help they can get from the experiences they have in law.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Use Their Foundation for Good

Michael and Jim work as activists. They know there are things they can do that make a difference for other people and they always try helping people with the issues they face.

The minorities they help need their assistance because they don’t have anyone standing up for them.

In fact, any time Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin provide help to people, they make an effort to show them they have a chance at a better life. The men always wanted to provide different levels of help for those who needed it and they knew it would make sense for them to keep doing it on their own after they broke off from the journalism sector.

While Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew there were things they had to do to make everything better for the people they worked with, they also knew things would get better if they had a chance to continue giving people the right opportunities on their own.

Instead of working in different areas of business, the men felt it was in their best interests to continue being activists. They didn’t branch off at all and focused on helping minorities instead of trying to do anything else with the options they had.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin wanted to be different from other people. Instead of just generalizing the help they provided, they tried helping Latinos first. They knew they were the ones who had a hard time making things better for themselves and that was something they felt confident about.

They also knew everything would continue getting better for all the people they worked with since they provided them with the tools they needed to keep getting better on their own. It was their idea of helping that allowed them the chance to give back in different instances.

Even when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin felt they could do things the right way, they wanted other people to realize they had a chance to continue offering positive experiences.

They always knew things would get better and everything would keep changing for the people they worked with. Despite running into issues with the opportunities they had, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin felt they could continue making things better and felt everything they were doing was a direct result of the hard work they put into the industry. It was their idea of helping that allowed Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to continue doing things the right way.

After Michael and Jim went through a difficult time, they came out on the right side of it. They had been arrested by Joe Arpaio. They fought the charges and won the case against him. He had to pay them money to take care of the damages.

It made things better for the men. They had over three million dollars to start their foundation with. When they started the Frontera Fund, they found they could help more people than ever before with the issues they had faced.

The Anne Frank Center and the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

The Anne Frank Center For Mutual Respect is a civil rights organization that is named after Anne Frank, the famous girl who wrote a diary while she was hiding from the Nazis. It is not officially a Jewish organization, and it is not an organization that focuses exclusively on combating anti-semitism. It is also not only about the Holocaust. However, what it focuses on is combating hatred and xenophobia in general.

Anne Frank was a famous girl who was hiding from the Nazis in an attic. While she was doing that, she also wrote a diary detailing her daily experiences. She was captured and killed by the Nazis. However, her diary was discovered. It is a well known book and a bestseller. She was a leading example of someone who stood up to the Nazis.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a similar organization to the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. The Frontera Fund was founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. These two people were journalists who were targeted for their exposing the bad habits of the Arizonian Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey both wrote for the Phoenix New Times. One was the editor and the other was the CEO.

At that time, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was leading a harassment campaign against certain groups of people, including immigrants, Latinos, and people in the prison system. Unfortunately, nobody was doing much to stop this.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey felt that they had a moral obligation to do something about this harassment. Thus, they used the power that they had as journalists to speak out about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the way he was handling things.

For that, Sheriff Joe Arpaio rewarded them only with troubles. He told them that they had to give over the information of everyone who worked for the newspaper.

He issued a subpoena, telling them that they had to give over not just the personal information of the writers and editors of the Phoenix New Times, but that they had to tell him all about the readers of the Phoenix New Times as well. He demanded to know their IP addresses.

Of course, Larkin and Lacey knew that they had to protect the right to free speech of everyone in their town and on the internet who read their newspaper. That is why they refused to give over the information that Sheriff Joe Arpaio requested of them.

This led him to have his deputies arrest them in the middle of the night. He said that it was because they had published information about the illegal subpoena in their newspaper, but everyone knew that the real reason he was doing this was that he wanted to intimidate anyone who would not agree with him.

With the money that they got out of the lawsuit they filed against the county, Larkin and Lacey started the Frontera Fund, an organization that helps out immigrants and other minority groups.

Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Igor Cornelsen’s Journey To Become A Proficient Investor

Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He then attained his university education at the Federal University of Parana enrolling in an engineering program. Along the way, Igor felt that his destiny was in the economic sector. He first worked as a banker until when he retired in 2010. He currently lives in South Florida where he has excelled as a top investor in the volatile stock market. Igor is presently engaged with the Bainbridge Group which invests in the stock market for commodity and foreign exchange investment.

Igor has turned out to be an exemplary professional in investing. He made his name while he was still a banker by managing to rise to be among one of the top financial accountants in the country. His success in investing can be attributed to his rich background in the financial industry. Apart from all these, he serves as a consultant in his areas of expertise which are banking and investment. These include his familiarity in guiding numerous venture capitalists to making more effective long-term investments. Igor Cornelsen also advises his clients against investing in broken companies and instead concentrating on damaged stocks.

One of the things that he advises people on is to start as soon as possible. This is because time is a fundamental component of many investments. He added that an individual should begin to invest their money as early as they can. He emphasises that age is not a limit when it comes to investing your money. If a person desires to maximise profits in their returns, they should start as soon as possible.

During an interview, the economics proficient gave his opinions on the critical things that have motivated him to be a prosperous investor. Dissimilar to other investors who depend on trends and the capability to theorise about coming turns in the market, Igor Cornelsen emphasises that he only uses facts to make his decisions. He studies the economies of the countries in which he invests so that he can be aware of any sudden changes. During times of political disputes and economic downfall, he ensures that he sells part of his shares on the affected areas.

Igor Cornelsen desires to help individuals comprehend that investing should not be taken as a joke. He says every beginner requires proper guidance before indulging in such. One has to assess their financial capabilities and define their risk tolerance level.

OSI Group: Sustainability Is Progressive

Otto Kolschowsky started Otto and Sons USA in Chicago in 1909, today known as OSI Group is all about sustainability. OSI Group’s Leadership team tackles customer trust by the quality of the products they carefully produce and manage.

OSI Group consistently reaches out and builds upon its success as the leading provider in food production services. OSI Group understands that to survive and thrive in today’s technical age, extending industry partnerships are a key ingredient in advancement.

There is always a push from OSI Group Chief Officer and President David G. McDonald to uphold it’s handling of sustainable beef as a global valuable resource. OSI Group commits to fully support and backs new President of Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) Nicole Johnson-Hoffman in keeping practices involving the treatment of food production in regard to the standards of the plants and animals that are used.

OSI Group international growth can also contribute to the purchase of Creative Foods Europe in December 2016 formally known as Flagship Europe, a 2016 Excellence in Innovation Winner at the Food Supplier Awards. The focus of food to go as a constant sustainable entity that keeps OSI Group thriving. Extending it’s global reach, Creative Foods purchasing of Calder Foods, a supplier in sauces and sandwich fillings adds to OSI Group out doing themselves even further.

Creative Foods is also a member of QADEX, a raw material management system. OSI Group is a winner of the Supplier Award for Innovative Thinking Best and Diversifying at the Trade Monthly Food and Magazine Awards in 2017. Ranking at number 58 on Americas largest private companies according to Forbes, with over 20,000 employees in 17 countries and 6.1 billion in revenue look forward to further growth and quality that will keep OSI Group alive and well.

Global Visionary Award winner Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin plays a pivotal leader among the global team that spearheads OSI Group’s growth. Newly appointed on January 22nd 2018, Sharon Birkett joins the leadership team as the Quality and Food Safety Leadership role in OSI Group European affairs reporting to Managing Director of European Affairs Kevin Cahill and Dr. Kenneth Petersen, Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance and a key member of America’s Leadership team.

Their impact on keeping the global growth of OSI Group shows a level of sustainability that will impact another 100 years of success.


Chris Burch’s Island Paradise

The world has officially seen the best five-star resort on a remote Indonesian island and Chris Burch, entrepreneur, is to thank. Nihiwatu resort re-opened in 2015 after $30 million was spent renovating it and has become the largest local employer on the island. The hotel is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba ( Burch bought it for his children as something that he can preserve for the community.

The island is mostly unknown but has soft white beautiful sand that looks like paradise. Originally, the resort was small and geared towards surfers, but Burch wanted to expand and partnered with James McBride, a proprietor with hotels. Now, the hotel is giving back to the community by partnering with the Sumba Foundation and raises money from guest contributions and provides aid to the island’s communities.

The rooms at the resort are exquisite and unique, with three of the rooms being tree houses. A plus is that every room comes with a private butler. With costs ranging from $750 to $14,000 per night, there are options for everyone. Accommodations include non-alcoholic beverages, and meals that include produce from the hotel’s organic gardens, and fresh seafood that is caught that day.

While at the resort, there is always time to relax. Therapeutic treatments are offered in the rooms or at the beach spa. Yoga is also offered at dawn as the sun is rising. Another tranquil opportunity to take is to go paddle boarding on the water.   Check for an additional article.

Burch is also the founder of Burch Creative Capital, where he is also CEO, and has invested in multiple industries for almost four decades. In his early years at Ithaca College, his investments began when he invested in an apparel business that grew to be $165 million. As an entrepreneur, he is always researching and looking for innovative projects. However, he doesn’t focus on the numbers but rather focuses on people and the market.

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Newswatch T.V. Another Testimony to Greatness

Newswatch tv is a company that has built for itself a great and influential platform. Over the 20-years span that the show has been around it has helped a many companies and business in getting their products in open space for the public to se them. The reviews that the show and now website provides can and has made products very successful. The show is so good that it even has had multiple celebrities on it. Newswatch tv is truly a technological and cultural influencer that has made an immense impact and the work they did with the company Saygus is a primary example.

Saygus is a company that creates and manufactures tier own brand of cell phones. They recently developed a new line that they wanted to quickly get to consumers. They needed a campaign that reached to the tv as well s online communities and that’s where Newswatch tv came in. Newswatch went to Barcelona to gather the video footage and the resources that they needed to do the video. Newswatch does reviews that are unbiased and that showcase the various functions of the products. This is exactly what Saygus wanted and needed from them. Newswatch created the video and it along with a crowdfunding campaign worked to get the new cell phones the promotion that they needed.

The results of the wok between Saygus and Newswatch had a phenomenal turn out. The crowdfunding campaign that Saygus had reached 1.3 million dollars and exceeded all expectations. They got 3000,000 dollars over the amount that they needed. Tim rush the vice president of Saygus is now singing praises of Newswatch and has officially started recommending it. Newswatch has done this many times over its history with companies. The sales that they drive are a testament to their effectiveness in the marketplace.


The three pillars that Richard Blair will use in financial planning

Everyone will need the help of coming up with a plan so that to assist in the pursuit of financial goals and that is what Richard Blair believes. Richard Blair has one goal in mind, and that is he will be able to assist the community members in coming up with the financial roadmap that will help in the retirement years, and they will be able to manage their wealth too. With those kinds of skills then the community members will have the needed skills in guiding them through the milestones that life brings. Richard will follow an approach that consists of three pillars so that to come up with a financial plan. The pillar gives him an opportunity of looking at the needs of the client and the customer financial situation so that to come up with the holistic plan.

The first pillar is all about establishing the goal and needs of the clients and coming up with clear expectations. The second pillar is coming up with the long-term investments strategies that will be in-tuned with the needs of the client. The third pillar after Richard has discovered the needs of the clients and came up with the strategy, then he will sit with the client so that to review the set strategy and then implement and monitor.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions that is based in Austin, Texas that is registered with investment advisory firm. The goal that the company has with the help of Richard is that they will be able to make a difference that is positive and significant in the lives of families, individuals, and owners of small business. From his childhood years, he learned how knowledge was able to change the life of someone because his grandmother, mother, and wife were all teachers. He combined that with the natural aptitude for finance that he had, and Richard knew that he was in a position of helping people when it came to the financial planning and investments. After he finished his school, he entered in the financial services immediately in 1994.


How The Academy of Art University Is Making Improvements In San Franscico

The Academy of Art University is back in the news again and for good reasons. This for-profit school for the arts has a rich history of producing work in the fields of design, entertainment and liberal arts. The school has produced a boat-load of talent that has made it to the big leagues. These individuals includes Raven Symone, Vicky Jenson, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Lee Cheol-ha and others. Academy of Art University is located in beautiful San Francisco, California, and it hosts well-over 12,000 students. One of the major ways that this school is standing-out is by getting involved with community events.

For 2018, the Academy of Art University is looking to give back to the community by redevelopment. Yes, San Francisco is a gem of a city, but it certainly has its flaws just like any other American city. Augmented reality is the name of the game and some of AAU’s students are using this technology to improve on the city’s safety and appearance. Tenderfeels is the name of the project and some of the school’s tech students are building an innovative app to provide real-time data. This real-time will be used to cleanup the city’s Tenderloin district. The Tenderloin district is rich in history, has affordable housing and is full of culture. On the other hand, this specific district is crime-ridden, has a high-crime rate and has a high concentration of people. In just a quarter-square mile, over 25,000 people inhabit this region of town.

Academy of Art University’s tech students will use specific moods within the application, and the moods will represent how people feel about certain areas of the neighborhood. This information will be relayed to city officials in hopes to provide solutions for improving on the issues. The idea is rather genius because it gets straight to the root of the problem.

Augmented reality’s virtual environment will overlay on top of the city’s natural environment. Graphics, touch and sound will be embedded into the project for ease of use. The Academy of Art University is making changes for the better, which is why it’s at the apex of its class and that speaks volumes.


WAX Spells Mainstream for Cryptocurrency and Malcolm CasSelle Holds the Chalk

If OPSkins CIO Malcolm CasSelle has his way, the gaming market will become the catalyst that brings cryptocurrency to the mainstream. An early stage investor in Bitcoin, CasSelle led OPSkins to become the largest Bitcoin merchant globally. Now with the creation of decentralized P2P marketplace WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), he predicts full mainstream consideration for digital currency.

CasSelle is a graduate from Stanford with a degree in computer sciences. He started his first company back in 1995, and has been a part of the digital world ever since. He served as a manager for Groupon’s joint venture with gaming great Tencent. As the CIO for OPSkins CasSelle was instrumental in making the company a global leader in digital asset sales. Now as the president of WAX he is revolutionizing the gaming world by offering players an actual return on their investment.

Most video game currency/assets belong only to that specific game. Since most gaming networks operate in a centralized marketplace, gamers cannot sell to each other. WAX offers gamers the ability to sell content they purchase to other gamers, and using blockcahins the network is completely safe from fragmentation and fraud. The ability to actually exchange digital assets for real money will make cryptocurrency a more viable tender. CasSelle believes as the world is saturated with gamers, this will lead to mainstream. Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity, but at this venture big businesses are still staying away. Although many companies have begun looking into digital mediums, it has only been out of interest, not investment. The gaming market is big enough that should WAX prove profitable, many big companies would get involved. Such a flux would definitely bring mainstream access to cryptocurrency, making digital assets viable monetary mediums of exchange. At least that is what CasSelle is predicting. As an early stage investor in Facebook as well, his instincts are wise ones to follow.