Sussex Healthcare At The Finest

Do you have an older person in your life that needs to go somewhere to live without the fear of falling?

Sussex Healthcare works hard to make sure that all the people coming into their care is happy and healthy. They have several different groups to make sure that the person coming in is taken care of because of the different disabilities out there. They just got a new CEO to help make sure that this is all coming true and her name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Amanda has 30 years of experience in the industry and that is just the start because she loves to work with these people the more that she gets to know them. She likes to focus on the leadership roles for the seniors.


They have all different services for all of the different people. A few of them are those who are just getting older, those that have dementia, and those who have mental disorders. They have over 25 years of being around and continue to make sure that those who live there have the one on one attention that they need to make sure happiness is obtained. This healthcare facility is located in Warnham England. They have achieved to get credit from Health Quality Service. They make it where the people that live there don’t feel like they are any less of a person and work hard to make sure that these people live the rest of their lives to the fullest which is important. The people who work with the people and the families that are going through something hard like losing a person in the family.

The care takers work hard to help the people in the home learn new skills while keeping the abilities that they already have there for them to work with. There are new skills that this healthcare facility works hard to make sure that they still have when the person lives there. The people that work here work hard so that the people have the best care that they could possibly have in the end of their lives which is why this is a good pick for those that need that extra help.

This healthcare facility works hard to make sure these people in their care has the best healthcare out there when they are in their care which is important to everybody.