Class Dojo Is Building A Platform To Improve Communication In The Educational System

Communication goes a long way when it comes to a students learning, and this is because it is important for students to feel accepted and confident for their potential to be reached. When teachers are able to engage their students and create a positive environment for them to learn in, they are more eager to participate and stay active in their learning. Parents are also an important factor when it comes to a students learning and the lack of their involvement can cause students to feel left out and fall behind when it comes to their work. Class Dojo’s app has been developed solely for improving communication for students with their parents as well as teachers. So far, the impact has been profound, and Class Dojo has been used in nearly all classrooms in grades K-8 since first launching in 2011.

Today, Class Dojo is also spreading to various other countries around the world. This is also allowing students from various classrooms around the globe to communicate with each other and build cultural communication. This social connecting allows students to ask questions that extend beyond their own culture and collaborate more easily with people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. By bringing together students from all different parts of the world at a young age, students are much more eager to learn about the differences in culture and be kind towards others.

Since Class Dojo first released it has remained free for everyone, students and parents included. This allows the platform to build quickly and gives access to greater learning capabilities for students without a cost like most other educational tools require. Any students or parent can start building their communication and creating a more positive schooling experience by joining Class Dojo with a simple invitation. Any teacher that uses Class Dojo in their classroom can extend an invitation as long as the user has an adequate smart device. All content is safe for young students and there is no personal information that is required to sign up, keeping everyone safe while using Class Dojo’s platform.