American Institute of Architects Names New CEO

     The board of American Institute of Architects recently announced that it had appointed Robert Ivy as its new Chief Executive Officer. Robert Ivy before his appointment was serving as the Chief Editor in the Chief of Architectural Record publication since 1996. American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional body mandated with the task of governing design and construction laws as well as issuing licenses to qualified architects throughout the country. The institution was founded in 1857 and has its headquarters in Washington DC. AIA has a current membership has over 200 employees together with 300 chapters across the country.

Robert Ivy’s appointment is seen as a major milestone for the institution considering his experience and career profile in the architectural world. In the recent days, Mr. Ivy ha featured in mainstream media advocating for several political, social as well as environmental issues that affect the building industry. He has also been championing for the need of architects to diversify to other sectors that are not necessarily related to design and building. He said that architects could be of more use to the society if they stopped focusing only in the building industry. Robert Ivy has also been a board member of AIA since 1990’s.

The new Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for managing a large workforce at AIA as well as ensure proper coordination between the main office at Washington DC and 300 local chapters around the country. AIA every year sponsors hundreds of education programs regarding design and construction, and therefore Mr. Ivy will have a daunting task to make sure that such programs continue without interruption. The organization has an annual budget of over $56 million. With his experience, many architects and the general public are confident that Mr. Ivy will live up to the task ahead of him.

AIA 2010 and 2011 former presidents, George H. Miller and Clark Manus, welcomed the appointment and expressed their confidence towards Mr. Robert Ivy. “I am glad to hear about the appointment, I have known Ivy for several years, and I know he has what it takes to hold that position,” said Miller while commenting on the news about the appointment. On the other hand, Clark Manus, FAIA, the 2011 AIA president also congratulated Mr. Ivy and asked him to bring on board the so needed reforms in the institution.

Mr. Robert Ivy will assume his new position effective Feb 1, 2011. Ivy holds a Master of Arts degree in Architecture from Tulane University as well as a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of South Sewanee, Tennessee. Most people are optimistic about his appointment and believe that he will be able to bring the much-needed reforms in the institution.

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