What It’s Like To Work For Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a privately held company that has care homes and support services in the greater Sussex, England, region. This is a rural part of the country and they have 20 homes for people who cannot take care of themselves. This includes elderly people who have dementia or other age-related mental disorders. They also provide their services to younger people who have mental and/or physical disabilities that prevent them from living independently.

One of the services that Sussex Healthcare provides that is very popular in the Sussex region is audiology services. They have partnered with the National Health Service (NHS) in order to fit people with state of the art hearing aids. Their Sussex Healthcare Audiology department is in very accessible locations and has been accredited by the applicable government agencies as meeting every standard of professionalism.

The employees of Sussex Healthcare have great things to say about working for this company. Employee review websites like Indeed have given this company high marks in the reviews. People credit the company as being both a comfortable and fun place in which to work. There are lots of training opportunities to be had as well as bonuses and good vacation time. One person said that they were provided with free lunches and her managers were very encouraging to her. She left after having a baby of her own volition but she said that she enjoyed her time at Sussex Healthcare.

According to bloomberg.com Sussex Healthcare hires for a wide range of positions and has many job opportunities at the present time. They are currently offering jobs such as customer relations manager where you get to work with customers of the company and their families. This person is the first point of contact for those who are inquiring about their services. Another available position is inspectors who are trained in mental health. This person will engage with staff and customers in order to make sure that the needs of patients with mental health issues will be well taken care of. As Sussex Healthcare dispenses drugs to patients who need them they are also looking for a pharmacy assistant plus plenty of other positions besides.

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