American Institute of Architects Names New CEO

     The board of American Institute of Architects recently announced that it had appointed Robert Ivy as its new Chief Executive Officer. Robert Ivy before his appointment was serving as the Chief Editor in the Chief of Architectural Record publication since 1996. American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional body mandated with the task of governing design and construction laws as well as issuing licenses to qualified architects throughout the country. The institution was founded in 1857 and has its headquarters in Washington DC. AIA has a current membership has over 200 employees together with 300 chapters across the country.

Robert Ivy’s appointment is seen as a major milestone for the institution considering his experience and career profile in the architectural world. In the recent days, Mr. Ivy ha featured in mainstream media advocating for several political, social as well as environmental issues that affect the building industry. He has also been championing for the need of architects to diversify to other sectors that are not necessarily related to design and building. He said that architects could be of more use to the society if they stopped focusing only in the building industry. Robert Ivy has also been a board member of AIA since 1990’s.

The new Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for managing a large workforce at AIA as well as ensure proper coordination between the main office at Washington DC and 300 local chapters around the country. AIA every year sponsors hundreds of education programs regarding design and construction, and therefore Mr. Ivy will have a daunting task to make sure that such programs continue without interruption. The organization has an annual budget of over $56 million. With his experience, many architects and the general public are confident that Mr. Ivy will live up to the task ahead of him.

AIA 2010 and 2011 former presidents, George H. Miller and Clark Manus, welcomed the appointment and expressed their confidence towards Mr. Robert Ivy. “I am glad to hear about the appointment, I have known Ivy for several years, and I know he has what it takes to hold that position,” said Miller while commenting on the news about the appointment. On the other hand, Clark Manus, FAIA, the 2011 AIA president also congratulated Mr. Ivy and asked him to bring on board the so needed reforms in the institution.

Mr. Robert Ivy will assume his new position effective Feb 1, 2011. Ivy holds a Master of Arts degree in Architecture from Tulane University as well as a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of South Sewanee, Tennessee. Most people are optimistic about his appointment and believe that he will be able to bring the much-needed reforms in the institution.

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Chris Burch Mentions Some Unique Gift Giving Ideas For Any Occasion

Chris Burch is a billionaire as documented by Forbes magazine who has gotten to that point through buying up shares in disruptive new companies and also buying and selling big residential and commercial properties. His primary business investments are channeled through his company, Burch Creative Capital which has interests in multiple industries from apparel and organic foods to alternative energy and financial technology. Burch also is known for giving gifts to people he loves and he said in a recent article that anyone who’s unsure what to give someone for their birthday or holiday should consider a few gifts he’s picked up over the years. Burch’s gifts include a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote handbag, a Zero-Gravity Massage Chair manufactured by US Jaclean, a Snowe Home decoration set or just some boxes or bags of goodies from Fatty Sundays or Pretzables. (

Burch became a businessman back in the early 1970s when he was a young man attending college in Ithaca, NY. He started by selling sweaters in the college dormitories, and when he started seeing sales increase dramatically he decided to go into the business full-time and named the company Eagle Eye Apparel.  More on  Eagle Eye Apparel was a competitor with names like American Eagle, JCPenney, GAP and others. Burch sold that company eventually and then made investments through the Internet Capital Group and Guggenheim Partners where he served on the boards for a few years. Burch was already investing in new fashion brands by the early 2000s, and in 2004 he helped market the new Tory Burch line that his wife at that time put out. In 2014 he would get Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle brand off the ground.

Even before starting Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch started going into the hotel property investment arena starting with joining the Pierre Hotel and then becoming a partner with Alan Faena during the construction of the Faena Hotel + Universe in Argentina. Burch also excelled at renovating homes and successfully brokered the sale of one $25 million renovated home in Southampton back in 2005 (  Burch’s biggest hotel investment was in Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia in 2013 which is currently the world’s number one vacation destination according to Travel & Leisure, and Burch has put over $30 million into the property thus far. Burch plans on passing this down to his future generations (

Boraie Development Is Building A Better New Jersey

Cites like Newark, New Brunswick, Jersey City and Atlantic City have formed a lot of groups in hopes of turning around housing and commercial real estate markets that have been struggling for years. Boraie Development, one of the top investment and development companies has focused on addressing housing needs geared towards younger consumers by building new apartment complexes and condo lots that have the interior designs and on-site amenities that most young people prefer. One of the biggest factors affecting demand is housing in close proximity to public transportation stations, especially considering the proximity of the northeastern cities to New York City. The latest such housing from Boraie Development not only is close to public transportation but also is right in a beach recreational area, and thus is titled the Beach at South Inlet.

According to Patch, Boraie Development works with both government housing authorities and private contractors in city planning and has earned a good reputation for delivering quality work. The company Chairman is Sam Boraie who had the idea for real estate development over 40 years ago when he moved to the US from Egypt. His educational background was actually in chemistry and not real estate or business, and he was working on his doctorate’s degree in that field when he had the idea to start rebuilding New Brunswick. He felt the city was suffering from a lot of underdeveloped or neglected areas, and since nobody else was likely to start building in New Brunswick, Boraie decided to do it himself. He faced criticism for his decision, but he later said it was Johnson & Johnson the healthcare provider whose decision to stay there made him want to do it. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development’s first commercial office spaces completed construction 1988 when the company came to the main hub of Albany Street and began a remarkable transformation. This area of the city at one point was so dangerous that people usually stayed off the streets after 4 PM, but when the first tower in the plaza was built businesses started populating the area again. Tower two was built in 2003 and a third tower will be built that Boraie hopes will be a place for scientific research firms. Boraie Development made their biggest surprise when the Spring Street condominium was rented out in just months, defying the expectations of most experts. Following that has been expanded campus housing at Rutgers University and built The Aspire. Omar Boraie has also given millions of dollars to the research at the Rutgers genomics labs, and in recognition of those contributions he was given an honorary chair at the department.

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Music Executive Desiree Perez Recognizes Barriers to Women in Industry

Music executive Desiree Perez is perhaps one of the most influential and powerful women in the music industry today, with years of success and networking behind her. With her role in many of the careers of female and male singers, as well as establishing herself in the business and executive side of the music industry, Perez and her opinion matter.Recently, society and culture has come to the realization that women in the music industry are not always given equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

Everyone is recognizing that it is up to everyone, at every level of the industry, to make opportunities both available and possible for both men and women without any barriers or preferences based on sex. Following a controversial statement made by Recording Academy president, Neil Portnow, Perez joined in with a group of other female music executives to point out the issues with Portnow’s statement about women and the Recording Academy and Grammys.

The letter criticized Portnow, saying that it was not a badly voiced personal opinion about women and their role in the music industry, but a deep rooted belief by members of the Academy that fails to recognize the barriers that are faced by female artists.The letter goes a step further and addresses the need for the Academy as a whole to reevaluate and assess the organizational issues that can lead to unequal opportunities in music, and even harbor individuals that chronically oppress or abuse their power over women trying to gain opportunities within the industry. As one of the most vocal and prominent women in the music industry, Desiree Perez can and has made a difference simply by using her voice to call attention to the issues.

Dr. David Samadi Sees Surgery as the Key to Mitt Romney’s Recovery from Cancer

The prospect is good that 2012 presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will fully recover from prostate cancer, according to one medical expert. Dr. David Samadi, the renowned urologist and cancer specialist, believes that the prognosis is good because Romney chose surgery as his treatment option.

In a recent essay, Dr. Samadi noted that Romney was only one of the more than 160,000 American men diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017. Men who receive this diagnosis have to decide whether to deal with the problem through surgery or with radiation treatment. However, Dr. Samadi suggests that they thoroughly discuss the situation with their doctors before deciding which method is best for them.

In the event that the cancer has not spread beyond the prostate gland itself, Dr. Samadi highly recommends the surgical option. Men who undergo surgery at this point in the disease generally have higher rates of recovery than those given radiation therapy. He in fact noted that men who undergo radiation treatment are more likely to die sooner and also have twice the cancer death rate of those who have the cancer surgically removed. Additionally, the exposure to radiation can itself create the risk of developing a secondary cancer. In the event of a recurrence of the disease, the cancer is extremely difficult to remove through surgery after the patient has previously undergone radiation therapy.

Dr. Samadi noted that the survival rate is nearly 100 percent in men who have chosen the surgical option to treat localized prostate cancer. However, in cases where men were given radiation therapy and the cancer then spread outside of the gland, the five-year survival rate dropped to less than 30 percent. Approximately six in 10 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are at least 65 years of age. Romney was 70 when diagnosed.

Originally from Iran, Dr. David Samadi received his medical degree from the Stony Brook School of Medicine. After completing an oncology fellowship at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, he received training in robotic surgery in France. He first practiced medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and, in 2013, transferred to another New York facility, Lenox Hill Hospital, where he later became the chairman of the urology department and chief of radiation therapy.

Initially appearing on television as a guest, Dr. David Samadi served as the co-host of a program that ran for five years on the Fox News network. He is also known for his many written articles on cancer and related health issues.

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Larkin & Lacey

Two men in their late 60s, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, have been exposing things about Sheriff Joe Arpaio that they perceive as the truth. Them and their journalists have reported all of the things about Sheriff Joe Arpaio that they could figure out. These things included terrible jail conditions, alleged sexual abuses and racial profiling. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They were really a thorn in Sheriff Arpaio’s side for a long time, though they struck a nerve in 2004 when they published the address of where him and his family live. Somewhere in the laws of Arizona it says that publishing an officer’s name with malicious, harmful intentions is illegal.

In a way, this is really not an unreasonable law. After all, law enforcement people are put in vulnerable situations where doing their jobs properly may lead to people trying to stalk or kill them.

It’s bad enough that the risk exists for law enforcement, but publishing people’s addresses may exacerbate the problem. Also, here is a reasonable question: Was it completely necessary to publish the address of that man’s domicile? There might be other people who live him who are put at risk for being harmed, like a wife, children, grandchildren or friends.

Here is another consideration: being a law enforcement official is never an easy task, and people sometimes have to make difficult choices when there are no pretty options. Perhaps we can say that there was some underlying anti-cop sentiment in this act of publishing his address?

Anyway, for reasons listed above, Trump was nice enough to give this man a pardon. Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin are up in arms, because they believe that Sheriff Arpaio has objectified, discriminated against and dehumanized Latino people.

They are very much pro-immigrant, and they believe that helping another human being to come here and stay here immediately trumps any argument that anyone has about why immigrants shouldn’t be here. There is plenty of validity in Lacey and Larkin’s viewpoint because many of the countries that immigrants come from have rampant poverty and domestic violence.

A considerable amount of these problems have their origins in the fact that America came into those countries and economically exploited those places. In some ways, America is still directly and indirectly exploiting these countries.

One of the most well known tales of exploitation is the story of United Fruit. In the 20th century, United Fruit, an American company, took over a huge percentage of land in Guatemala and made it so that most of the native Guatemalans were landless, low paid peasants. All uprisings was squashed by America and demonized by the American media.

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How Jason Hope is Addressing Anti-Aging Research.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur can be difficult. Becoming a successful futurist can feel almost impossible. Somehow, Jason Hope has managed to make both efforts look easy. Jason Hope is a futurist and entrepreneur who has already left his mark on the mobile communication industry. As a graduate from the WP Carey School of Business and Arizona State University, Hope has taken his education and put it right to work. Born and raised in Arizona, Hope continues to live in the state as he broadens his vision and seeks to make an impact in a variety of important industries. Today, we are going to discuss what Hope is doing in the realm of anti-aging research. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Hope has always been fascinated by the medical field and he has been particularly interested in the role that aging plays in our daily lives. While aging feels like a foregone conclusion, Hope has always believed that the proper research could put serious age-related issues in the past. Hope took a shine to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit based out of California, and he immediately fell in love with the work that Dr. Aubrey de Grey was doing in regards to a host of different age-related illnesses. Hope was so taken by the research that he decided to put his money where his mouth is and donate to the cause, writing a check for $500,000 in order to help the facility pursue more research. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Mike Kope is the CEO at the SENS Foundation and he announced Hope’s generous donation during the Breakthrough Philanthropy event. The event, hosted by Peter Thiel of the Thiel Foundation, drew quite the crowd and many were remarkably impressed by Hope’s commitment to the cause. Thiel called Hope’s donation and enthusiasm the highlight of the night while Kope took time during the event to give a speech relating to what Hope’s research will actively impact. The SENS Foundation has been particularly focused on addressing Alzheimer’s Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, and Arteriosclerosis. These major diseases, which impact the elderly in droves, look to be targeted by the SENS Foundation and their work will continue thanks to Hope’s donation. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging
Jason Hope is a futurist so when he takes a shine to this kind of research, you know that there is potential for it. With Hope’s interest involved, we might be seeing real change and momentum at the SENS Foundation and that could lead to life-saving technological advancements. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

The American Institute of Architects; Keeping the Architectural Commmunity Connected and Strong

     Robert Ivy is an an architect. Yet, notwithstanding the fact that he holds a Masters degree from the University of Tulane and has been furthermore accorded the title of Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, a fraternal organization created specifically for those pursuing study in architecture and related fields, with a long-standing record of acknowledging leadership and merit, whose roots date back more than a century; despite these accolades in the exacting and demanding field of architecture, Robert Ivy is actually an adept at two distinct fields. In fact 2009 marks the year Ivy received the highest possible accolade that can be granted by the business media world, aimed at honoring a specific individual’s life-long contribution to the press, The Crane Award.

The award served to acknowledge Ivy’s tenure as editor in chief of the renowned periodical, Architectural Record, regarded as a premier source of newsworthy events in the world of design and within the area of continuing education in the field of architecture. However it also honored Ivy’s stint as Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, where besides ensuring a high level of quality was met for the numerous publications he oversaw, he took the Architectural Record to heretofore unimaginable heights of worldwide circulation.

Besides holding seats at four architectural school advisory boards, Robert Ivy also ascended to the dual posts of Vice President and CEO of the national American Institute of Architects in 2010, a pillar organization for those in the architectural community, created with a mandate to support those in the industry as well as uphold and improve the image of those within it. As a media savvy CEO, the position most definitely plays to Ivy’s strengths, requiring, as it does, media tools to aid in forging bonds between far-flung members, as well as keeping them abreast of useful information, such as industry trends. Magazines, like AIA, Chicago, serve as outreach tools for the organization, offering news, events education and resources for AIA members, as well as encouraging the readership, via its uplifting logo, to network, educate, inspire, three things that the Institute and Robert Ivy have and will undoubtedly continue to do.

What It’s Like To Work For Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a privately held company that has care homes and support services in the greater Sussex, England, region. This is a rural part of the country and they have 20 homes for people who cannot take care of themselves. This includes elderly people who have dementia or other age-related mental disorders. They also provide their services to younger people who have mental and/or physical disabilities that prevent them from living independently.

One of the services that Sussex Healthcare provides that is very popular in the Sussex region is audiology services. They have partnered with the National Health Service (NHS) in order to fit people with state of the art hearing aids. Their Sussex Healthcare Audiology department is in very accessible locations and has been accredited by the applicable government agencies as meeting every standard of professionalism.

The employees of Sussex Healthcare have great things to say about working for this company. Employee review websites like Indeed have given this company high marks in the reviews. People credit the company as being both a comfortable and fun place in which to work. There are lots of training opportunities to be had as well as bonuses and good vacation time. One person said that they were provided with free lunches and her managers were very encouraging to her. She left after having a baby of her own volition but she said that she enjoyed her time at Sussex Healthcare.

According to Sussex Healthcare hires for a wide range of positions and has many job opportunities at the present time. They are currently offering jobs such as customer relations manager where you get to work with customers of the company and their families. This person is the first point of contact for those who are inquiring about their services. Another available position is inspectors who are trained in mental health. This person will engage with staff and customers in order to make sure that the needs of patients with mental health issues will be well taken care of. As Sussex Healthcare dispenses drugs to patients who need them they are also looking for a pharmacy assistant plus plenty of other positions besides.

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Serves the Dallas, Texas Community

Recently, Nexbank completed the sale of $54 million in investment grade BBB bonds to private investors. The capital raised will be used for Nexbank’s general corporate expenses. The bond notes have a maturity date of September 30, 2027 and they are not callable for the next years.

This is a method for raising capital Nexbank has used to raise $283 million since 2016. The offering of the notes closed on September 19, 2017. The fixed rate of interest on the notes is 6.375% for five years. The Knoll Bond Rating Agency qualified the offering as Tier 2 capital.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas-based financial services company. Its services include customized financial services provided to institutional clients, corporations and financial institutions. It is the 10th largest bank in the state of Texas.

In December, 2015, Nexbank acquired the College Savings Bank of Princeton, NJ. It specialized in 529 college savings plans. The College Savings Bank continued its offerings as a division of Nexbank. The College Savings Bank was in business as of 1987. It had a long standing as a savings institution for the Indiana CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan and the Arizona Family College Savings Program.

College Savings Bank offers FDIC-insured CD investment options and its high-yield savings account does not charge any asset-management fees. By using the 529 plans, families can enjoy potential tax benefits and security in knowing their investment is principal safe.

Matt Siekielski, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of NexBank Capital, Inc. stated that he felt the acquisition enabled Nexbank to better serve the needs of their clients by expanding their platform in the short and long term. Nexbank’s charter dates back to 1922 and has assets in excess of $7.6 billion. It has two divisions in the Dallas area, one located on McKinley Avenue, the other at Preston Center. Its divisions provide services to commercial banking customer, mortgage banking clients and offer both institutional and depository services.