How You Can Use Talkspace for Help

Therapy has been changing lives for decades, as it gives people the chance to talk to someone who is able to offer them sound and helpful advice. Unfortunately, our lives are ever-changing and while we still need therapy, it isn’t always easy to go and see someone who can offer the help that we need. If you’ve been trying to see a therapist but are finding it to either be too expensive or too inconvenient, you should know that there has been an app designed that allows you to connect with therapists right from the comfort of your own home.

Talkspace is the first therapy app that was launched several years ago. Because of its reputation, people flock to this company when looking for home-based therapy that they can trust. You will want to download Talkspace to your mobile device and use it to your advantage. Once you create an account for yourself and answer the series of questions that are given to you, you will then be matched to a therapist who will get started on your ultimate healing. You can message or video chat with the therapist as you see fit, allowing you to gain access to the advice that they are able to offer to you.

The problem with conventional therapy is that it just doesn’t work for everyone out there. Many people aren’t able to leave their homes to go and see a therapist, while others are just too busy to keep up with weekly hour-long appointments. If this sounds a lot like you, be sure to give Talkspace a try for yourself. It’s an award-winning app that connects people to hundreds of different therapists from all walks of life, so you can be sure that you’ll be matched with someone who truly understands what you’re going through.

Securus Technologies Expands its Payment Processing Services with another Acquisition

Securus Technologies, the leader in the American incarceration industry, recently declared its decision to expand the firm’s payment processing services by acquiring GovPayNet. Interestingly, GovPayNet is the leader in debit and credit card payments to various government agencies in the incarceration environment. I have noticed that the firm is known as a solution-oriented processor and credited for a number of services including facilitating cash bail, court fines and costs, traffic, parking and speeding violations, property as well as real estate tax payments, and more. Interestingly, GovPayNet provides its high-value services to more than 2,300 correctional agencies that are spread across 35 states or giving coverage to over 26 percent of the counties in the country.


The CEO and President of Securus, Robert Pickens said that the company is happy with the deal and excitedly waiting for integrating GovPayNet into its portfolio of products. I am impressed by the leadership of GovPayNet as it has expertise over a few decades in the area and created a business that is based on a great team of associates, excellent customer satisfaction, and high-quality services. He also added that all these characteristics of GovPayNet are something Securus recognize and value a company. Pickens continued that in the continued journey, Securus wanted to showcase its core competency in payment processing services connecting consumers and governmental organizations.


He also added that with the integration of GovPayNet, Securus completes more than 40 million transactions or payments annually. Pickens also laid out the plans of Securus including investments in products, sales, and people along with combining services of JPay, to create and work in new segments of government payments market, which the firm considers as one of the most promising areas of the sector. The CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie also reciprocated the similar feelings and said that the division wants to expand its capabilities under the vast innovation space created by Securus Technologies.



Jason Hope’s Latest Book Offers Promising Future

You can always tell you’re getting something worth taking note of whenever Jason Hope decides to write a book. He’s one of the most successful software developers in Arizona and he’s creating a culture there for the tech industry to takeover. The obvious qualifications of a software developer are unquestionable, but it’s his ability to give readers a particularly detailed and accurate prediction of our future that makes him one of the best writers to come around in a while. Anyone who wants to see what the Internet of Things will bring us would do well to look at his work.

Jason Hope focuses on the Internet of Things and what it has to offer people. He notes that we’re already seeing the first signs of IoT technology around us in our homes and in our cars. Eventually we’ll be accepting this tech in our work spaces and throughout other aspects of our life. Clearly, the need to properly understanding what this represents is going to require an analytical approach. Hope does just that by making sure the reader is made aware of what it will take to implement this form of automation and technology throughout our lives.

The hope that Jason Hope has for the future is absolutely infectious. He wants people to understand why he went into technology for themselves. He understands that IoT can give people things they couldn’t find before. It’s giving them a way of understanding how technology can be implemented in our lives without us paying too much attention. He believes that the Internet of Things is going to connect devices together and bring an entirely new way of understanding technology as we know it. We’ll see our toasters and refrigerators communicate while our garages and our cars will talk to each other as well.

Hope has shown he understands how to make a successful tech company and he takes that understanding to the lengths he needs to in order to give the reader the right image. The Internet of Things is going to connect devices together and give them an incredible way of talking to each other. When that technology reaches maturity it will seem as if what’s around us is actually alive or at least give us much easier lives. IoT is essentially a form of automation, but it should give just about anybody who wants to a better understanding of our future.

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