Meet Kevin Seawright: A Renowned Real Estate Maestro Investor and Philanthropist

After living in Baltimore, Maryland for many years, Kevin Seawright finally moved to Newark, New Jersey. Kevin is a veteran financial executive with an outstanding track record of building and managing thriving real estate companies. He moved to New Jersey to take over as the new Executive V.P of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

The company’s top brass leadership is composed of equally accomplished luminary execs like Aisha Glover, the CEO and President, and Nathan Cooper, the CFO. In 2015, he joined Real Property Solutions (RPS) as both a managing partner and the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Milestone Accomplishments

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright’s insights and ideas have been a blessing for the investors at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. In his tenure, the firm’s revenues appreciated by a whopping 25%.

The firm’s employee retention rate more than doubled under Kevin’s watch. In a span of three years, the COO oversaw a $600M project to renovate Baltimore city’s impoverished public schools.

Mainstream Media Appearances

PR Newswire states that  Mr. Seawright’s core skills are strategic business planning, human capital, financial reporting, fundraising, project management, collective bargaining and public speaking. His illustrious career has not gone unnoticed, especially by the mainstream media.

He’s a regular feature of the following world-class media outlets: The New Jersey Business Journal, MarketWatch, MarketWired, and PRNewswire. Kevin’s also appeared on the Larry Young Breakfast Show.

Here’s the link to Mr. Seawright’s LinkedIn profile, where you can learn all about his abilities, educational background, certifications, and the professional awards he’s scooped over the years.

Volunteer and Charity Work

Many residents of Newark, NJ, however, know Mr. Seawright as a remarkably laid-back volunteer basketball coach. It’s still anyone’s guess how the financial wizard finds the spare time out of his hectic schedule to take part in community empowerment projects. Asides, spending countless hours training the kids from Virginia Parks in Suffolk, Kevin also signs them checks to buy vital equipment and gear.

His devotion to the city’s Parks and Recreation sectors has made a huge impact on the lives of the locals. Thanks to his benevolent ways, kids and their families have safe, serene and fun parks to spend the weekends.

What’s more, Seawright runs a scholarship fund that pays out tuition fees for high school and college kids from poor backgrounds in Virginia Park.