Heed The Writing On The Wall And Put America Back On The Path To Greatness

The political action committee End Citizens United has been steadfast in their fight against the ever-increasing influence of under the radar big money flowing into election campaigns. In light of the state of affairs today that fight just got a little bigger. Since the United States Supreme Court 2010 ruling in favor of the misconstrued interpretation of the First Amendment argument put forth by Citizens United it is not just corporations and the most affluent of American society tipping the scale but foreign governments and their unscrupulous cohorts to boot.

The Federal Election Campaign Act and Commission regulations include a broad prohibition on foreign national activity in connection with elections in the United States. Despite these prohibitions, Russia, other foreign nationals, and their cohorts skirted those safeguards and inserted themselves unchecked into the 2016 election campaign cycle. Since January 2017, the United States Federal Elections Commission has identified and filed 15 separate cases involving foreign entities suspected of illegally contributing to election campaigns in the United States. This should prompt our legislative bodies to vigorously pursue closing any and all of the loopholes that made it possible to obscure these illegal contributions in the first place.

The writing is on the wall for all to see but Republicans hesitate, ignore, or resist doing what must be done to virtually end this dilemma. Making political donations completely above board would go along way in eliminating the furtherance of even greater violations of campaign financing. The 2016 election cycle exposed the vulnerabilities inherent in the ability to conceal donors. The integrity of the U.S. democratic election process has been tainted by uncertainty, this should not be. The Republican-controlled White House, House of Representatives, and Senate have the opportunity and ability to do something for the good of the people whom they were elected to represent. According to factcheck.org, House Democratic leaders drafted the By The People Reform Legislation Package which would strengthen the integrity and merit of our democratic election process to its former glory.

End Citizens United (ECU) PAC is not only supporting democratic candidates striving to eliminate big money from the political arena but it is helping to establish the 2018 policy issues platform. End Citizens United is also supporting the bipartisan legislative effort entitled the Honest Ads Act which deals with the abuses put forth via the internet. If Republicans truly believe in the constitution as they claim there would be zero tolerance for foreign outsiders or the extremely affluent few or billion dollar corporations to influence the outcome of any U.S. election. Closing those slippery slope loopholes would be a priority. So far there have only been a few Republicans bravely willing to put country before party.

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