How Chris Burch Harnessed Creativity To Build His Empire

There are few business people who understand the value of being creative as well as Chris Burch does. While many people in the world of business might lean on being shrewd or on having an aversion to risk to guide the ways that they choose to build their businesses entrepreneur Chris Burch has chosen to depend on something else in his business career.

Being a competent business person certainly calls for professionals to be well-versed in hard and soft skills such as accounting, leadership, management or information technology in order to run a functional business. But while these skill sets are certainly crucial ingredients of the cocktail that is required to have a company that is both sustainable and profitable, these skill sets alone will not necessarily guarantee that a business is successful. One of the many overlooked skills that is not valued nearly enough in the world of business is the skill of being creative. Click on to read him discussed his insights and views on business.

While many people might feel as though creativity is only reserved for people who are pursuing careers such as being a visual artist, a dancer or a fiction writer, creativity certainly has its place in the business world and might be considered a core ingredient of a successful business. For instance the importance of being creative is arguably what has helped the technology company Apple to secure its place as leader in the tech industry. The products that have cemented Apple as a company that was known for innovation such as the iPad, iPhone and the iPod could only be possible if the engineers and product designers had the room to be creative.

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While the majority of businesses that are outside of the entertainment and cultural industries are not necessarily in the business of creating art (companies such as Amazon are changing this however) they can still harness creativity to set themselves apart from their competition. Chris Burch has harnessed the power of creativity to launch a career in the world of business that has lasted for four decades.  For updates on his latest timeline activities, hit

His appreciation for creativity is exemplified in his involvement with a significant luxury fashion company that is based in the United States and with the businesses that he has funded through his company that is known as Burch Creative Capital such as the online jewelry startup BaubleBar which sells affordable costume jewelry to its customers.  Visit the website, check on   Chris Burch has also been involved with other fashion lines and brands that sell home decor. Today Chris Burch is harnessing his appreciation for creativity by running a luxury resort on an island.  Hop over to to read about this luxury resort on an island.

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