Securus Technologies on Improving Correctional Facilities

Life has its ups and downs. We tend to make mistakes which happen not to be a surprise as it is well said that human is to error. Those mistakes may be against the law which of course means there are consequences. Prison happens to be one of the consequence. Prisoners find it hard especially being far away from their families, friends and basically those they care about. However, that’s not the case anymore. With the formation of Securus Technologies company that came to change. Inmates are able to make contact with their beloved ones, thus able to give them more reason to live and hope for brighter tomorrow despite being detainees.

Securus Technologies company not only links up inmates with their families but it is also a source of livelihood to many. Serving approximately 2,600 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada means a high labor force is required. For this reason, it has over one thousand employees. This is a good thing for both economies as it helps in curbing the unemployment menace. It also gives the employees a platform for them to provide for their families.

On top of that, the company in conjunction with Harris Corporation came up with a strategic plan to solve one of the ills facing the communication technology world, that of making sure contraband cell phones do not connect to mobile networks.

The good work of any company never goes unnoticed. Customers have aired their satisfaction with the company via emails and even formal letters. This includes how the customers have been able to curb drug trafficking in prisons, stop corrupt staff by the issuance of search warrants and ensuring the safety of the general public in case of reported harassment by offering great investigative equipment.

With Securus Technologies also security in jails is enhanced, by tapping conversation of inmates with outsiders, a lead maybe found thus able to solve cases easily. These are just but a few of the customers’ reviews. I advise other correctional facilities not only in Canada and The United States to make Securus Technologies a choice to better their services.