The Hawks Owners Fight Back

A lawsuit has been filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company for a breach of contract regarding the settlement of claims that were made by Danny Ferry, the old general manager, by ‘The Atlanta Hawks’ Basketball and Entertainment division LLC, the former owners of the famous NBA franchise. Bruce Levenson was a part of the previous Hawks possession group (AHBE) The claim has nothing to do with the present Hawks proprietorship bunch drove by primary proprietor Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. The claim, documented in the Superior Court of Fulton County on Sept. 13 against the insurance agency likewise depicted as AIG, is a common activity for rupture of agreement and protection lacking honesty. AHBE claims it was safeguarded under an approach for a scope for specific misfortunes identified with business works on, including, yet not restricted to, specific demonstrations of “Wrongful Termination”‘ and “Work environment Torts.” According to court reports, AHBE pulled out to AIG on April 2, 2015, that cases had been attested by Ferry that it accepted were secured.

Hawks and Ferry proprietorship settled on an undisclosed amount in a buyout agreement around June 22, 2015, closing the relationship that started with an $18 million contract back in 2012. The endorsement of the offer of the establishment to the Ressler-group came two days after that.

As per a representative for current Hawks proprietorship, they know about the dissension. The key people included no longer have bound to the Atlanta Hawks association and that they will have no further remark regarding these matters. Mr. Bruce Levenson is the Partner and co-founder at United Communications Group (UGC). He is additionally an Owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. He helped to establish UCG with Mr. Ed Peskowitz back in 1997. Preceding establishing UCG, Mr. Levenson used to write for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. He has been a Director of TechTarget, Inc. from 2015.



Tupac vs. Notorious B.I.G.: The Ultimate Showdown


Everyone has heard of the famous feud between the late rappers Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. who is also known as Biggie Smalls. Even those not familiar with rap or hip-hop have at least heard these names mentioned before. They have become permanent fixtures in the world of popular culture. The division between these two rappers has created two very passionate sides. Some hold Tupac as the greatest rappers who have killed of all time. Others argue that Biggie Smalls is worthy of this title. Instead of focusing on the feud itself, lets dive deeper into what makes both of these artists so spectacular.


Tupac Amaru Shakur was born in East Harlem of New York City. While in school, Tupac actually took part in several Shakespeare plays. In fact, during an interview, Tupac made several references to the English playwright. Tupac was most known for his socially conscious rap lyrics. His songs revolved around pertinent issues such as pregnancy, racism, social injustice and more. His songs related to experiences he had growing up in his community. Tupac’s most famous album is 2pacalypse Now which featured famous tracks Brenda’s Got A Baby, Trapped and more. Shakur died in a shooting in Las, Vegas.


Biggie Smalls is notorious for his smooth and laid-back rapping style. One word that can accurately sum up the Notorious B.I.G.’s style is ‘flow’. The cadence and rhythm with which Biggie chose to annunciate his lyrics over the beats became the hallmark of his style. Ready to Die was released in 1994 and became the staple album of Biggie’s rapping career. Similar to Tupac, Biggie’s lyrics focused on experiences he had growing up. It was these honest and authentic lyrics that brought so many listeners to come to appreciate Biggie.  Who knows if they had lived long enough, if they would have ended up like other rappers who went broke, but their early untimely deaths add an aura that cements their legacy.

Know All About The Unique And Luxurious Copa Star Hospital

This is a highly luxurious hospital that is compatible with a 5-star hotel. It is a five storied building. It has 105 rooms and 150 beds. It houses a diagnostic center as well as nine operating rooms. The Copa Star Hospital has 45 ICU too.

It has trained staff that provides personalized care and is motivated towards providing you the best in healthcare facilities. The staff is extremely agile and alert. These are qualified professionals who are trained to provide you the best that medicine can offer.

Copa Star is an innovative hospital that offers the latest in technology, especially in the departments of neurosurgery and cardiac care.

This is a highly innovative initiative that has been taken in Latin America. This is why it makes use of the latest in technology by providing hybrid rooms, telemedicine, robotic medicine, magnetic resonance imaging equipment and so on. Such smart operating rooms would require the latest in advanced medical equipment in order to function efficiently. Copa Star provides all this and much more.

This is a huge hospital. In order to ensure seamless functioning, innovative flow is provided along with integrated processes.

The Copa Star Hospital was constructed over a period of 3 years. It is located in Rio in Brazil. Specifically, it is located in Figueiredo Magalhães Street.

In addition to the qualified service and comfort besides sophisticated technology, the Copa Star Hospital is based on the concept on which the D ‘Or São Luiz Network is based.

There was an investment of $ 400 million in constructing this hospital. It was started in 2013 and got completed by 2016. The Copa Star provides personalized and exclusive service that is so important for patients as well as their families. There is ample space for stretchers as well as health professionals to move around. The building has been aptly decorated with 231 artworks made by the Japanese painter Yutaka.

Do note that the Copa Star has 113 doctors out of its 550 employees. All these are professionals who have been well-trained in all aspects of patient care including handling of emergency situations.

This is only the beginning. Plans are being drawn in order to extend such type of facilities to other places in the country. Many locations have already been marked out. Hence patients can look forward to such high-class facilities nearby very soon. This is a highly innovative concept that is being welcomed by one and all. Now people will not have to travel long distances in order to get prompt and world-class health care facilities.

Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

Using Cleansing Conditioners for Your Hair

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking for a cleansing conditioner. You may wonder what you are getting when you get something like this for your hair. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you may think of to do.

Getting Started

When you are looking for a great way to take care of your hair, you might look at the idea of using a cleansing conditioner. The conditioner you choose to use can make a huge difference in what the look of your hair will be. A cleansing conditioner is great to take the stuff out of your hair that has built up and that is not good for your hair. A great thing a cleansing conditioner can do is to help your hair to look and feel better.

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Why Use Cleansing Conditioners?

The biggest reasons you might want to consider a cleansing conditioner is so your hair can be kept looking good. You may have that build up and need to take the weight off of your hair. That is what a cleansing conditioner can do for your hair as well as help build it up when it is damaged.

Another reason you might want to use it is because you style your hair more than most and the heat has damaged your hair. It can help to rebuild the parts that are broken and that make the hair not look as well. It can also make the hair softer and stronger than it has ever been before. Think of this when you are choosing a good cleansing conditioner for your hair. Wen by Chaz has a perfect cleansing conditioner that might make your hair look and feel great.

There are a lot of different ones you can choose from and that will help you to get the best look you can get. You only need to take your time and find the one that is going to be best for you and your needs. Take a minute and look at Wen by Chaz.