The Success behind Any Banking Institution

Banking institutions have been at the center of transforming economic growth of many institutions and cross. This has been the core in the development of corporate and financial institutions that have spearheaded financial stability among people. Nexbank has been recognized among the best and leading banks in the United States of America. As such, the president and chief executive officer of the bank John Holt has received much publicity due to his performance at the bank.

Recently, John Holt participated in the Texas bankers association’s 5th annual strategic conference. Here, he served as one of the panelists who talked more about boosting the economic challenges community banks face and how they can overcome them. This has been identified as an important forum for discussing banking challenges and has improved at a greater length the lives of people living in Texas.

Nexbank is a banking institution that was established in 1922. The bank has seen gradual growth with increased customer base over the last few years. This has been triggered by the good leadership qualities from the top most management of the bank. The bank has diversified other means of solving customer related problems like coming up with customer relationship officers.

Nexbank specializes in three major areas of financial sustainability and growth. Here, the banking institution focuses on commercial lending, commercial real estate lending and credit services. Through this process, lending institution has helped commercial entities and real estate companies to access funds for development and repay in the good time. The bank also provides flexible and low interest loan repayment conditions.

In mortgage banking, the bank has promoted many people in the development and establishment of many warehouses houses across Texas. This is one of the core business of the bank and has been bringing in more income as many people grow wary of the benefits they get from the bank.

Betsy DeVos Impact on Education

Born Elisabeth Prince, Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman and a politician in the Republican Party. She currently serves as the United States Secretary of Education. She was President Donald Trump’s choice even before he won the 2016 Presidential elections. She said that she was honoured to work with the President to make the American Education great again. She has also served before as the Republican National Committeewoman in Michigan and also as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republic Party. DeVos is a board member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and has served as an advocate of the Detroit charter school system and also the chairwoman of the board of Alliance for School Choice and Acton Institute. She has a degree in Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he participated in the Campus politics. Being a Republican, Betsy has raised and donated funds to help in the Republic Party campaigns for decades, making the DeVos family the largest single contributor to the party.

Through their Foundation Betsy and Dick DeVos her husband, they have managed to donate tens of millions to charitable organisations including the University of Maryland College Park Foundation that received $500,000. Among the other institutions that the DeVoses have been involved in is the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts that received $250,000, The Porters House School in Michigan where she hails from; an amount of $200,000, and the Alliance for School Choice; a total amount of $100,000. She has donated to several Christian –related education groups like the Ada Christian School Society; an amount of $50,000 among others. Even with these massive contributions, the DeVos Foundation ( has pledged $3.2 million in the future.

Known as an advocate for school choice and school voucher programs, Betsy has been criticized for wanting to replace the current public schools’ system, keeping in mind that the system is overseen by public employee unions who do not necessarily have the best interest at heart for children. The program is supported in some communities mostly among the people of color. Betsy believes that parents or guardians should have the opinion to choose the schools that best suit their children’s educational needs in terms of the core state standards. The school choice also applies to private religious schools. Some people believe that the public education funding should also be used to set up Muslim-friendly schools that provide Islamic teachings with no direct oversight of the state law. Just like roads, public schools are funded by taxes, but one does not have the choice to have a voucher from transportation taxes. An educated population is equally as significant as having access to safe roads.

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Intriguing Qualifications Possessed by Eric Lefkofsky

Born in 1969, Mr. Erick has registered a desirable profile especially as a successful entrepreneur in America. According to the latest report from Forbes, he is worth 1.27 billion USD. The days of his youth were also amazing as he studied from the University of Michigan, Law School and attained the position of a doctor in jurisprudence. On top of that he also pursued a bachelors in Arts and Sciences, still at the University of Michigan. You may find it interesting to note that Erick was selling carpets while at the University.  More interested article on



Erick and his wife Elizabeth are remarkable in philanthropy. They launched the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 and it has since supported the benevolent, scientific and educational organizations. They serve the purpose across the globe, and are aiming at improving human life through specific programs and research. The facility also plays a central role in the Chicago arts and cultures donations.



Some Distinguished Positions Held by Erick



Having built his profile and net worth so well, Eric has proved to be accountable and as such has been the CEO of Groupon since 2013, which is a business venture launched in 2008 and serving over 250 markets in Europe and North America. He also holds significant positions in other ventures such as InnerWorkings, Qwiki, Belly to mention but a few. His leadership qualities are way above the curve and therefore incontestable.  Check for more info.



Eric Lefkofsky has also founded a facility aimed at automating and improving cancer treatment across the world. Tempus, which is a highly regarded facility is held as an equipment through which the medics provide their services and salutary information with an aim of improving the decisions made in regard to health. The facility is helping many believe in the ability of machine learning to enhance the health state of the human race. Basically it is meant to improve the results attained from therapies undertaken on cancer patients.





In a nutshell, Eric Lefkofsky is an icon in the entire globe, leave alone America. He has authored a book ‘Accelerated Disruption,’ which addresses crucial concepts to be upheld by ventures that will stand the great technological advancement. According to Eric, there are disruptive ventures being birthed every day, and as they get sustained in the markets, it becomes a struggle since they are unable to appreciate the speed at which technology needs to be embraced. Having several technology startups that are worth multibillion dollars accords him a position to write and offer advice.

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During the OnePlanet’s Awards winning ceremony, Mr. McQuagge was awarded as the CEO of the year with a golden title. By emerging a winner in the competitive platform, it was evident that Mr. Troy is a guru in the field of business. Apart from being an expert in the field, his approach towards USHEALTH Group management portrayed that he truly was knowledgeable as well as equipped with the necessary skills. His contribution to the business world, particularly in USHEALTH, can never go unrecognized.

OnePlanet Business and Professional Excellence Awards are open to all the companies that are in existence worldwide, whether small or big. Apart from allowing submissions from all businesses worldwide, the professional awards corporation also allows submissions from all companies, no matter what the group category they fall. The types of businesses involved in the competition are as follows; profit as well as non-profit, small or large. Besides, the platform encourages start-ups to participate as a way of promoting their presence.

Apart from discussing the awarding of golden title to Troy McQuagge, we will now discuss Mr. Troy’s brief history at USHEALTH Group. To start with, Mr. McQuagge began to work with the USHEALTH Group as from 2010. Being among the newest employees, Mr. Troy had been seen as a man who can make the incorporation rise from rags to riches. In short, he was excellent in his area of ability. As a new employee in the Incorporation, he set out to bring new changes in the organization. Mr. McQuagge started by reconstructing the distribution agency as well as the USHEALTH Advisors.

By bringing about such an adverse change in the USHEALTH Advisors, Mr. Troy was deemed a suitable candidate for the position of CEO. In the year 2014, he was then elected as the new chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, Incorporation. As a man who excelled in the application of his ability practically, during his reign as the CEO, the incorporation experienced a noticeable growth. The growth experienced during this period made the organization stand out in the personal health insurance market that has always proved to be leader among the most competitive markets.

As the winner of the Golden Award, Mr. McQuagge was very proud of the recognition of his efforts at the USHEALTH Group. He added that the success of the health insurance incorporation has been able to gain such significant success due to the presence of hardworking employees. So, in the real sense, the award belonged to every staff of the USHEALTH Group. But, since the prize is usually awarded to the CEO, Mr. McQuagge took the award for his fellow counterparts.

OSI Group, A Global Enterprise

The fast food business is a worldwide industry worth billions of dollars. It utilizes incalculable specialists and joins the world together over delightful meals. It is hard making the greater part of this happen. For the more significant part of this to work out, fast food organizations require a steady stream of provisions. OSI Group gives these organizations only that with the vast determination of different meats, batters, and vegetables the processor gives.

The Secrets behind the Success of OSI Group

The achievement of OSI Group relies on upon the virtuoso model the organization employs. Although OSI is verifiably an American team, it utilizes the assets of different little meat processors to help it address its issues all through the world. For instance, in northern Europe OSI gives different fast food organizations on request. It just can’t utilize any of its American meat processors to supply those organizations. Rather, OSI depends on Baho Foods to do this for them. Baho has invested years giving Scandinavians the store meats they know and love with the effectiveness organizations like OSI request.

People with Passion

While OSI Group has had a portion of the best services around, its prosperity is because of the diligent work of the general population in the meat handling plants in the organization. These individuals have invested years working for OSI and never become sick of working for them. As a byproduct of their incredible services, OSI Group ensures these workers are generously compensated and work just in the most secure conditions. The emphasis on security has prompted OSI Group accepting honors for perfection in wellbeing from gatherings, for example, the British Safety Council. It isn’t amazing that an organization with such a promise to its laborers has encountered so much achievement.

American Success

OSI Group is one of the best cases of the American Dream come true. Over 100 years the organization has developed entirely new strategies. Initially, OSI was just a store advertise in Aurora Illinois. Today, it is one of the 100 biggest exclusive partnerships, and it has an eye for something significant. As America has become the dominant focal point on the planet, OSI Group has likewise contacted help the world.

Lime Crime Expands Popular Liquid Lipstick Collection


Lime Crime, the Los Angeles, California based cosmetics company, released a new shade of liquid lipstick, adding to their sensationally popular ‘Velvetine’ line.


The new shade, ‘Scandal’, is an intense plum matte shade that pairs perfectly with black and leather. ‘Scandal’ is in line to follow current makeup trends that lean towards bold and dark colors as well as the increasingly popular matte finish. Like all the Velvetine lipsticks from Lime Crime, this shade has an exceptionally long lasting formula that does not dry out or become flaky. The product retails for $20.00 USD and can be purchased online at


To achieve best application results, wearers should apply a thin layer of lip balm fifteen minutes before application. Be sure to gently blot off excess oils, then apply lipstick directly to lips with the included applicator wand or a separate lipstick brush. The product will dry to a velvety but long-lasting finish that can be removed with a waterproof makeup remover or natural oil, such as coconut or olive oil.


Lime Crime strives to create a makeup line that is cruelty-free and vegan, as well as edgy. The trendsetting company with a cult-like online following of over 2.6 million people was founded and conceptualized by CEO, Doe Deere. According to Deere, Lime Crime products, and makeup in general, are not intended to simply cover imperfections, but serve as a form of self-expression.


For more information on this popular cosmetic line and their products, visit, or the official blog run by CEO, Doe Deere,

Chris Burch View on Fashion and Technology

Christopher Burch is the CEO and the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is an active investor in various industries and also the cofounder of the Luxury Fashion brand. He is a great marketer and also has a great power in branding. He works on financing services, hospitality, consumer products, and technology.

Chris Burch has participated in more than 50 companies’ rise, by combining the concept of understanding consumer behaviour with direct sourcing and international experience. He has managed to keep a lot of records connecting innovations to their impact.

According to Chris Burch, technology and fashion are imperative things in the society. They both go hand in hand and grow together. Fashion becomes technologically fashionable, which means when one comes up with a certain fashion, and apply it to an already existing technology; it makes it look better or making its work easier. This results to fashion becoming popular. He also said that technology becomes fashionable when integrated with new designs.

The journey of technology is nonstop, technology keeps improving depending on what people considers fashionable. Considering the past, which is in the 70s, there was the invention of the boom box which allowed users to carry favourite tunes and stations around. There was also two cassette decks with one side playing music and the other recording from the other cassette. Moving to 80s, there was the invention of Walkman which made the experience of music more personal, and in the 90s it became even smaller with the iPod. Currently, fashion designers are diving deeper and deeper in technology, and end up coming up with many possibilities.

The future of the technology and fashion sector is so promising. Fashion is being used in the technology to protect individuals. Fr instance, there is the wearing of frontline gloves helping the firefighters to communicate using hand gestures to passing vital information. There is also the recycling of materials to create wonderful fashions like Segrasegra made jackets from recycled bicycle tubes. Tomorrow’s happiness can only come from both fashion and technology industry learning from each other to make the world a better place to live.

Tammy Mazzocco and The Ohio Real Estate Market

Tammy Mazzocco started out in the real estate business in Ohio as a secretary to nine realtors in a lively and successful office. She the managed a condominium group, and in so doing she decided that she could do better by selling real estate as opposed to managing it.

According to her Facebook page, Tammy has found real estate very fulfilling and exciting, as well as profitable. Her penchant for research and then putting research into action is what propels her on. Real estate is one of those businesses where you can be self-employed with lots of help.

2016 was a good year in Cleveland, Ohio as home purchases were over 156,000 in the state. According to, sales were on the increase of over 8%. Prices were up and in retrospect, it was a banner year. There was, however, a bump in the road that started around election time in November. Prices were still rising, but a housing shortage began to rear its ugly head. Here you had plenty of buyers, still making their presence felt, but the available units were declining.

A very solid job situation in cities like Cleveland helped to drive up the market and spur people on in their quest for new housing. Due to the shortage, mortgage rates are trending upward as well from their average in the 3 percent ranges to more a higher 4 percent rate.

Re/ Max real estate agents such as Tammy Mazzocco take the stance that you really cannot change market forces, as all you can do is keep working and keep working more effectively. Tammy Mazzocco works with people, not events. Her way of doing business is to be a friend to the buyer. She educates them. She gives information and statistics to the prospective buyer which they are not aware of.

This is where her research comes in. When you find out what people want, you find it for them. When Tammy Mazzocco treats clients time as she would her own, they love her and buy from her.

Securus Technologies Help Families Stay Connected

Securus Technologies is a 25-year-old communications company based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in the proliferation and maintenance of phone systems for correctional systems. These phone systems and accompanying extras link inmates with their families and friends in a very friendly and organized manner.


Securus serves over 3,400 correction facilities, law enforcement groups, and safety organizations and over 1.2 million inmates with their phone and communications services. Phones can be directed to work with Android or Apple smartphones, tablets, PCs or even landlines, wherever they may be.


It is very comforting for a family to be able to contact a loved one who is incarcerated and be able to spend valuable time visiting and talking. Securus makes it easy for people to connect with phone plans that are easy to use and very cost effective.


Choices can be made between a prepaid calling account where the calls can be budgeted, a direct bill plan, where the family can be billed on a regular basis, a collect plan, where the inmate can call collect, and a debit plan where the inmate pays for the service.


There is email, chat and jail voicemail as well, as we are not always able to get right to the phone so that a message can be left and a phone call can be returned. These processes work just like they do in every home and business situation, making it very convenient to leave a short message or a quick email.


When folks who are incarcerated have contact with family members or friends on the outside of prison, their outlook is usually just a little more hopeful and the times of contact helps to build a person up. One of the more popular services is the video service as it seems as though the callers are physically together.


Securus constantly strives to make the service more user-friendly and convenient so inmates and families can reach out to one another continually with a system they can count on time after time.

Equities First Holdings Company Operations and Achievements

Founded in the year 2002. Equities First Holdings LLC is a private company, which provides security-based lending services to businesses and individual investors globally. Its headquarters are in Indiana Polis, Indiana, with a satellite in New York City and with offices in nine countries. For the 14 years that this company has been in operation, it has been able to attract highly experienced financial team who work tirelessly to offer better services to their clients.

Equities first provides loans to its members based on its evaluation of the risks associated with the amount of money you apply, the current economy and market trends, according to the future performance of bonds, stock, and treasuries. It acts as a source of alternative capital to investors and offers fast and efficient services. With their straightforward tailored transaction, they encourage their clients to access their loans quickly and in an effective manner.


Equities first Holdings specializes in giving its customers alternative finance solutions at a lower cost than other traditional firms, which is efficient for businesses and high net worth individuals who are looking for a loan that uses investment portfolio as collateral. Equity First Holdings also specializes in capital allocation to investors who want more capital for their businesses. This is a better way of acquiring capital, especially for people who don’t qualify for other standard loans. EFH has gained a lot of popularity for offering this service to its clients.

Equities First Holdings provides capital to its members against their shares that are traded on public exchange markets globally and allows them to give loans of very high amounts at low fixed interest rates. Their mission is to offer better financing terms and deliver maximum benefit with no or minimal risk, allowing their customers to meet their personal and professional financial goals.