Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC is an alternative financing company that offers lending solutions to global financial corporations, businesses, and the high-net-worth individuals who want fast access to working capital. The company’s headquarters is in Indianapolis and has 10offices in the world including Perth, South Africa, London, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The company has its primary specializations in alternative solutions to help you secure fast cash, providing financial services, allocation of working capital, and alternative financial solutions. The company was first incepted in 2002. It has since completed over 2,000 transactions. According to the company, completing transactions is part of their daily business. These operations amount to $2 billion. The company’s President and Founder, Al Christy, is in charge of more than 50 employees working with the dream of the company.

Equities First Holdings, LLC have turned to be one of the best sources of alternative financing solutions to everyone who need working capital. The company offers urgent capital for those who need fast working capital and do not qualify for the credit-based loans. In this season where banks are tightening their lending qualifications and other financial solutions are out to have increased their interests, Equities First Holdings, LLC offers a better alternative to the stock-based loans. For this reason, the borrowers can rest assured to enjoy the proceeds of their loans at much lower interest rates even if their stock goes down without accruing any restrictions.

According to many people, they never understand the difference between margin loans and stock-based loans. For this reason, there has to be a clear difference between the two. According to the margin loans, the borrowed money must specify the intended use and has restrictions associated with it.

The loan-to-value ratio of the money is about 10 percent to 50 percent. In the event of a margin call, the collateral is liquidated by the lenders without any prior notice. There are considerably high-interest rates. However, the stock-based loans are here to help everyone. Their interest rates vary between three percent and four percent. There is also no restriction associated with the intended use of the money.

The stock-based loans offer a higher loan-to-value ratio of between 70 percent and 50 percent. . for this reason, the borrowers are free to walk away from the loan in the event of lack of money. Equities First Holdings, LLC ensures that you meet your financial solutions. When the transaction matures, they ensure you get back your stocks.

Women Adore Wen By Chaz

Hair is a beautiful thing when it looks nice. If it doesn’t look good, it can make a woman look drab. Many women have problem hair. Their hair may be too dry or too oily, and this causes them problems when they are trying to go anywhere, whether it is something formal or casual. She needs a hair care product that will work for her at the time she needs it too. There is a product made just for women that will work for any type of hair. This hair care product is Wen by Chaz.

Wen By Chaz Was Made With Women In Mind

When the product Wen by Chaz Dean was made, women were the focus of the research. It is a hair care product that was made for all aged women with any type of hair to use. They can use it if they have dry or oily hair to make it look great, and so that it is more manageable for them to style.

The Wen By Chaz Is Simple To Use

Wen by Chaz is very easy to use. A woman should follow the instructions that included with the product for the best results. Since the QVC advertised product  is a shampoo and conditioner in one, she will only have one step to complete instead of two when she is caring for her hair. This saves her a lot of time. It also saves her money.

Women everywhere are happy with the results that Wen hair by Chaz produces for them. They find that their hair is shinier, and it has a bounce to it. This makes them feel more confident when they are going places. They know they have their hair looking great because they use the Wen by Chaz hair care product on a regular basis.

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Geoffrey Cone Offers Expertise in the Field of Tax Law


The co-founder of the nationally renowned New Zealand law firm, Cone Marshall, has recently offered his expertise in tax law to the owners of several New Zealand law firms in an effort to train new professionals and serve the citizens of New Zealand. Geoffrey Cone, the CEO of ConeMarshall who has an extensive background in tax law and trust establishment that was developed over his 30 year career, has developed a focused plan to improve the tax and trust industry in New Zealand and around the world. During an interview with a business weekly magazine, Cone stated that his expertise in the field of tax law is currently helping new legal professionals to establish reputable tax firms, develop business plans with long-term objectives, and create incentives for clients that create stable relationships.


Establishment of Reputable Tax Firms

During his interview with one of New Zealand’s business weekly publications, Geoffrey Cone stated that his contribution to the education of new legal professionals is currently helping new attorneys to build reputable tax firms. Cone educates new professionals through the recently developed consultation services offered by the Cone Marshall law firm. Cone stated that the establishment of reputable tax firms is the most important step in the development of a community that is brimming with excellent tax and trust establishment services.


Development of Business Plans With Long-Term Objectives

Geoffrey Cone also discussed the importance of educating new professionals about the development of business plans that implement a long-term perspective. Cone stated that business plans often focus on the issues like client intake and cash flow options but neglect aspects of long term development. Cone described the process that he endured during the development of Cone Marshall as a journey that requires business owners to operate with an end goal in mind. By sharing his tax law and business development expertise with new professionals, Cone hopes to inspire attorneys to complete the journey of business ownership.


Creation of Incentives for Clients

As he wrapped up his interview with the business weekly magazine, Geoffrey Cone discussed the development of incentive programs for the clients of newly established tax and trust establishment firms. Cone stated that the implementation of client incentives in a newly established law firm can create a positive relationship between the firm’s owners and the firm’s clients. Cone hopes to continue to offer the wisdom he has earned through years of service in the legal profession to those who are new to the tax law industry.