Lime Crime Works for Different Looks

Kylie Jenner has released Lip Kits which are best sellers. These are make up products that are helping to bring out the best looks for women. While they aren’t the cheapest items to buy, they are still very popular among women of various ages. Among the people that pay for the product are adult women and teenage women. Kylie Jenner Dupes include Candy K, Dolce K, True Brown K, and plenty of other products that have been selling out for Jenner. Make up is one of the products that are not going to go away anytime soon. High quality make up companies help people bring out a really good look that they will enjoy.

Among the high quality make up companies is Lime Crime, who has a storefront on Amazon. Lime Crime is not only selling high quality make up, but also a wide variety of make up that will help people figure out what look they want to achieve. This will not only be helpful to people that are trying ot put together an effortless look, they can also find some kind of method for artistic expression that will satisfy them. With Lime Crime, people will be able to go outside of the norm in order to put together a look that they will feel good about.

Lime Crime has been started by Doe Deere with the intention of putting together some make up products that people will be satisfied with because they are high in quality and affordable as well. People are encouraged to put together a very unique artistic look so that they can truly express themselves and present their true selves to the others. Lime Crime products could be found in department stores and mass merchandisers like DollsKill, where make up is sold. Lime Crime has tons of lipstick, eyeliner, blush and any other set of products.  There are even good ideas on what to do with Lime Crime, from Tumblr users.

Beneful Premium Dog Food Is The Best Out There

High Quality Dog Food Shows That You care
I like to show everyone in my home that I care about my dog. I live with my parents, and I decided to get a dog a few years ago when my girlfriend broke up with me. Having a dog to hang out with helped me get over that relationship, and we soon became close friends. My dog is really my best friend. I take her to the park, and we hang out with other dog owners as well. I like my family, my friends and the other dog owners to know just how much I appreciate my furry little friend by buying her the best food that I can find on the shelves at the pet store. I found out that I can buy Beneful without even going to the pet store. In fact, they let you order their products right on the Amazon website.

Why Do I Buy Beneful?

People always ask me why I am so dedicated to supporting Beneful’s brand over all of the other brands on the market. Wikipedia features so many brands to choose from, and they are always changing. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming to have so many options, but I always choose Beneful because I trust them over the other brands. Beneful is made by Nestle PurinaStore, and they have been around for a long time.

I also like the fact that Beneful contains some of the best products in their recipes. They have real ingredients, and the ingredients that they use are also high quality. There is an article from the Daily Herald that talks all about these premium brands of dog foods. It even goes into detail about how the premium brands spend more on the products that they put into their recipes, which makes a lot of sense. Here is a link to that article from the Daily Herald about the premium brands of dog foods.

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William Skelley Gets a New Appointment

Investments in the real estate industry are quite different from the rest. They are very profitable, and most of the projects there require a lot of capital, something that is not available for the middle-class investors. The idea of owning shares in real estate investments remains a dream for many people in the world.

However, this is not the case for countries which allow people to collect money online. For countries like the United States of America, people are allowed to come together with one aim of investing then collect money on the internet. The money is then used for investments like real estate, and this is known as crowd funding.

One of the biggest crowdfunding companies in the world is known as iFunding. The company was started several years ago by William Skelley. Since then, people with low incomes have a platform where they can confidently invest their money without any problems. He has a lot of experience in real estate activities after working in the lucrative industry, and this explains why he has managed to take the company in successful place.

Since the introduction of iFunding, people from different parts of the world can get an opportunity to invest and earn a good profit at the end of the day. Since the institution was started years ago, it has managed to accomplish more than forty projects in real estate industries, and all of them have been very successful.

Not long ago, William Skelley got a new appointment. He will now be a member of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders, an organization that was recently started by Michael Stoler. The organization is still very new in the market, and this year, on the 27th of January, it managed to have its first annual dinner.

Michael Stoler, the founder of the only invite association, is also quite popular. He is believed to host one of the most popular business television shows in the country. The show comes every week to the television, and it is dedicated to the real estate industry. William Skelley is expected to bring a lot of positive changes in the new organization because of the amount of knowledge has. The rest of the members of the organization are actually from several high real estate companies in the United States. They are men and women with a lot of expertise in the industry, and they are coming together to bring more changes in the lucrative industry.  Follow Skelley’s iFunding blog for background information on what they are trying to do to revolutionize investments.

Bellamy Dishes Up Brian Bonar as a Rising Restauranteur

Surprisingly located in an old fashioned neighborhood of Escondido, Bellamy’s is some of the best food in San Diego. With first class staff and a rich cuisine, Brian Bonar has created a culinary framework for his high end ambition to take off – as reported by Modern Luxury.

Bonar wooed the staff from his one of his favorite restaurants, El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn, to start phase one of his restaurant enterprise. Now with Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty at the helm, Bellamy takes on an innovative French cuisine menu.

The dishes start with a creamy, Basque flavored corn soup served cold over a scallop ceviche. The poached salmon is topped with shaved summer truffle and sea salt for texture and paired with a parsley-cream risotto.

Mille-feuille, a rare treat, has layers of smoke eel and liver confit in pork fat topped with brule-ed apple slices that provide the perfect pucker through the richness. The ingenious composed beet salad is the ice cream sundae you’ll never forget. With a base of gold and red quartered beets nestled in the edible soil of mushroom powder, pistachio, and cocoa nibs, the crimson beet ice cream is balanced with a warm goat cheese tart.

A leaner salad alternative is a heirloom Caprese with tomato-basil gel. The light salad is well placed before the decadent local mushroom ravioli finished with a veal-cased port wine sauce. Susceptible to “Mush Halibut Syndrome,” a complaint fishermen from Alaska to Virginia have made lately, the halibut is mushy. On the other hand, the pan-seared marget, a Moulard duck breast, served in a peach-onion marmalade and a Szechaun gastrique sauce with a side of crispy yet creamy polenta with Parmesan is expertly executed as expected from a French chef. To end the meal, the saffron panna cotta with a a strawberry-hibiscus consomme dipping sauce, a warm madeleine, and berries is a bright and fresh dessert.

Like Ponsaty’s young apprentice Mike Reidy says: Take advantage of a Master Chef of France’s undivided attention while you can. Right now, Ponsaty is making his dream kitchen at phase two of the Bonar culinary invasion of San Diego County, Ranch at Bandy Canyon. It will be an elite event space with an exclusive restaurant where Bonar will again showcase Ponsaty’s showstopping talents.

More about Brian Bonar

Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar is taking on elite cuisine for San Diegans. In Escondido, Bellamy is a French restaurant with a modern twist. Also, he developed a 144 acre property named Ranch at Bandy Canyon with a special event space and restaurant.

US Money Reserve President Speaks on Eliminating the Penny

There are many forms of currency out there today. These forms of currency are becoming more obsolete due to the massive amount of credit and debit cards that are in use. The modern age is looking down on physical currency, and there are many who are very upset at the penny.

There is a big movement in the United States where individuals are trying to get the United States to stop manufacturing pennies of the U.S. Reserve incidence. They say that these pennies are costing more to make than they are worth and they costing the government unnecessarily.

There are others who claim that stopping the printing of pennies would greatly disrupt the economy today. They claim that the unbalance from the loss of penny printing would be a ripple effect that would make unnecessary changes in the market.

Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve president is claiming that these changes would not affect the marketplace and the penny should be done away with. Diehl also states that only 25 percent of transactions are done with cash anymore.

In his Cruch Base interview Diehl states that there are very few transactions that would even be affected from the elimination of pennies. Rounding pennies up to the nearest 5 cent would not be something that would make a huge difference. The U.S. government would be able to save money each year not having to print pennies. If the U.S. government were to eliminate the printing of pennies each year the savings would total just over 105 million dollars. This is something that has many individuals in power very interested about this notion that keeps gaining more attention.

George Soros: Mastermind or Misrepresented?

The Republican front runners for the 2016 presidential election are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. However, political figures such as John Kasich are still in the running and, as Politifact reports, there is a new scandal surrounding his campaign. There may be a conspiracy by left-wing activists to bolster Kasich’s campaign and put a stop to Cruz and Trump’s bids.

According to conspiracy theorists on, Kashich’s campaign is getting secret donations from a group of billionaires, including note businessman George Soros. Ads are not circulating claiming that Soros and others have donated hundred of thousands of dollars to Kasich’s Super PAC. Trusted Leadership, the Super PAC that is noted for supporting Ted Cruz for president, is running these ads in Wisconsin mere days before the state’s primary.

These allegations ring hollow to political science professor Tom Sutton. Campaign finance rules are clear in that there are no limitations on donations, and all donors are listed publicly.

Politifact took a look at the list of donors, to see if rumors of George Soros on theatlantic masterminding a Super PAC for Kasich could be true. Two people on the list could indeed be linked to Soros or his company. Nevertheless, these two individuals have given to a wide variety of campaigns over the years, and while Trusted Leadership confirms these two were the inspiration for the attack ads, there is no evidence showing a conspiratorial pattern.

George Soros himself has donated heavily to Democratic campaigns and to fund research in opposition to Republican candidates. The most damning evidence against the claim that he is masterminding a plot is the fact that, as of now, it is not working. There is nothing showing that these donations are actually helping Kasich’s campaign on, and it is unlikely that Soros would encourage others to keep throwing their money away. Indeed, a few networks in Wisconsin have already pulled the ad.

As Politifact concludes, the accusation that millions have been funneled through a George Soros on forbes controlled plot to Kasich’s campaign is utter fallacy. Kasich has not received that substantial of a sum, and Soros himself has only given heavily to the Democratic Party this season.

Wen by Chaz (Bustle Article by Emily McClure Recap)

WEN is a hair product that is heavily advertised on Sephora website. According to the website, it is a 5 in 1 product that replaces shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangling products, and conditioner. The television commercial shows a famous actress by the name of Alyssa Milano standing by a stylist and a client who are currently testing the Wen by Chaz Dean products. She is asking various questions about the product while watching a live demonstration right before her eyes. Both she and the client seem to be really impressed with the results. Television commercials can sometimes convey products as being better than they truly are. Because of this, a hair stylist by the name of Emily McClure used Wen products for a week and wrote an article about her experiences with it.

Whenever Emily first started to use WEN, she simply just incorporated them into her daily routine. She would shower at night and style her hair in the morning. She found that whenever she did this, she would wake up with “extremely oily roots”, as she put it. As a result of this, she switched up her routine and began to shower in the morning. Emily found that she had much better results by doing this because her hair was not as oily. Since her hair did not have all the extra time to absorb the product, her hair looked more shiny than oily. She was much more impressed with this result, and others began to compliment her about the luster her hair exhibited.

Emily definitely had a difficult time adjusting to the product whenever she first started to use it. However, after changing her daily routine up, she began to love Wen. She, along with others, noticed her hair was much shinier and healthier-looking than before.




The Ingredients of a Winning Business Plan

As business professionals know, it takes a wide variety of ingredients to create a winning business plan. Attention to details, a knowledge of the subject matter, and a determination to be the best each and every time all mix together to keep the top professionals ahead of the competition. When it comes to knowing exactly what it takes to find success, nobody is better than Sam Tabar. With an international background in law and finance, Sam has used his knowledge of these two areas to not only help numerous clients, but also increase business for the firms at which he worked.

With a legal education obtained from Columbia Law School, Sam has always been able to handle whatever comes his way with regards to international finance. Whether he is advising clients in the Asia-Pacific region on how global marketing will affect their business or spending the day on Wall Street consulting with Fortune 500 executives, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation. Considered one of the top experts in his field, he brings not only a fresh perspective to the conversation, but also a knowledge that is looked at as cutting-edge and fresh. As one of the most well-educated pros in the business, it is not unusual for Sam’s services to be in high demand around the world. One day he may be meeting with clients in Beijing or Hong Kong, while on other occasions he may be meeting with executives on Wall Street. No matter who it is he is meeting with, it’s guaranteed Sam will bring a level of expertise and a fresh approach to the problem that few if any others will.

Having implemented cutting-edge global marketing strategies for companies that produced excellent results, Sam is a finance professional who knows what it takes to get the results clients want and need. As his reputation has grown worldwide, Sam has found himself in high demand as a consultant. Putting his legal knowledge to good use, he regularly meets with clients around the world to help them learn how to implement key aspects of global marketing strategies to help their businesses grow. By producing the results his clients need time after time, Sam’s abilities have achieved almost legendary status in the financial services industry. As he continues to help clients around the world achieve incredible results, it’s clear Sam will stay far ahead of his competitors.