Attorney Ross Abelow Launches GoFundMe To Help Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow is an attorney based in New York City. As an attorney, Ross has seen many things and he has fought for many things during his legal career. One thing that Ross is currently fighting for is homeless animals who can’t fight for themselves. Every day Ross sees first hand the issues of stray and homeless animals. With the temperatures hitting record cold levels these animals seem to have little hope of staying warm and maybe even smaller chance of staying alive without the help of the animal shelters. The problem with the shelters is that they need funding. Ross Abelow has decided to do his part to help by setting up a GoFundMe campaign to help the animal shelters with their costs.

Because Mr. Abelow is deeply involved with his community, he feels that the animal project is a great way to help out within the community where he lives and works. Homeless animals can not fend for themselves and Ross knows that by calling on animal lovers to help out animal shelters can give these pets the much needed care.

Ross hopes to reach the five thousand dollar mark that he set during the set up of his GoFundMe. The money raised will help distressed animals. The shelters will be able to help these animals with additional funds. When Ross is not working on his community activities he is at the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP where he is a partner. Ross Abelow specializes in family law, commercial litigation and entertainment law. Ross also is active writing for his legal blogs and even his personal blog. He also keeps up with the social media sites and you can often find him there.

If you love pets and animals as much as Ross does, you might want to give a donation to his GoFundMe and help the animals in need. You will feel much happier once you know that you helped to do your part helping these homeless animals get the health care they need. Animal shelters need money and you can do you part by simply helping to donate to Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe.

How Yeonmi Park’s Struggle Can Help Others

In Order To Live tells a harrowing tale through the eyes of the girl who lived it. It is a gripping depiction of how unsurmountable pain and hardship can be overcome with a heart that is willing to fight to survive. Yeonmi Park is a person who has had to live through the unimaginable and has come out of the difficulties to rise above her circumstances.

The book helps outsiders to understand the hardships that are happening all around the world that they are unaware of. It definitely makes the reader forever grateful for simple things like food and clean water. For a young girl to live through the brutality, deaths, and even rapes that Yeonmi Park has lived through makes one reflect on how lucky we are to simply be alive.

Yeonmi Park was a happy little girl who was somewhat oblivious to the hardships around her in North Korea. That is until her father was imprisoned for selling items on the black market to try to feed his family. There was no trial and no judge, just prison. This is when young Yeonmi realized that life was not as good as she had thought.

Following her father’s imprisonment she had to endure hunger that brought her family close to starvation. She saw family members killed, others simply disappeared. She and her mother decided it was time to take fate into their own hands and they fled to China. The person hired to smuggle them there, sold them into sex slavery.

The book according to the NY Times,  depicts these struggles and so many more than a young Yeonmi Park had to endure. She was a broken child who finally reached South Korea. When she arrived she decided to help others and get her story out. She has made public speeches on Youtube and has commenced a career as a human rights activist.

The book is meant to demonstrate the hardships that not only she, but others remaining in North Korea must endure. Yeonmi Park feels compelled to aid others in their struggle to find freedom. She never realized what true freedom was until she was able to escape and now wants to help others escape as well.


Online Women’s Athletic Clothing Store To Open Up To 100 Brick and Mortar Locations


Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson for women to buy stunning workout clothing and gear. They offer two types of membership. A free membership and a VIP membership. The paid membership is $49.95 a month. The $45.95 gets credited to your Fabletics account to be used to purchase items. Also, when you are a paid member you get to enjoy the privilege of receiving the items at a discount.

When you sign up, you create your own personal style profile that Fabletics uses to make sure you don’t have to dig deep into their website to find what you want. Instead, they put choices you’d like based on your style preferences when you complete your style profile. You may cancel your paid membership after you have bought an item and allowed it to ship out. If you decide you want to keep the paid membership, but don’t plan on buying anything for the next month you are allowed to skip a month and not have to pay anything for that month.

Everything is working out for Kate Hudson and she is moving forward! According to Racked, Fabletics plans to open 75 to 100 stores within the next five months or so. This spring they expect their seventh store will pop up.

Much like their online monthly membership model, customers may pay a monthly fee and have items and clothing sent to them once a month at a discount. You also get the added benefit of being able to go into the store to try on the items.

The co-CEO, Adam Goldenberg of the parent company of Fabletic, JustFab, sat down with forbes and mentioned the complaints are shrinking quite a lot. Down to the five to ten a month range. However, he released this statement.

“For us, five to ten complaints is five to ten too many, but in a typical month we’re sending out 800K items. Largely speaking, customers really like this program.”

Forbes confirmed this statement by doing a fact check on Adam’s claims with the Better Business Bureau who confirmed Adams statements. They also mentioned the lower complaints may be due to JustFab listing its subsidiaries like Fabletics separately.

Also, JustFab has been adding to their Fabletics FAQ and gave the customer service system an overhaul.

Adam Goldenberg mentioned, “We want every single one of our customers to understand how the program works.”

Handling Personal Debt Through Solo Capital


Personal finance is an important topic to discuss about when you are meeting with a finance analyst. Among other things, debt is one of the most crucial matters that these analysts would like to point out during discussion. Debt in itself is not an evil. To be able to never borrow money for anything in life is equal to living in a land full of rich people. At the other extreme, fully financing your life is ridiculous and precarious. All of the debt – mortgage, student loans, credit card loans and loans on discretionary items – are better handled through professionals.

Solo Capital is one of the firms that specializes in personal finance including debt consolidation. It is founded by Sanjay Shah who is also the founder of a non-profit organization called Autism Rocks, as well as more than dozen companies that handles a wide range of businesses all over the world. He is also a well-known philanthropist. Solo Capital has experts where you can talk about your debt and devise a plan suitable for your situation and budget. asked people, what has debt to do with everyday life? When you have little to show for the credit card debt you have over a lifetime, it is when problem arises. Credit cards can perform very big functions sometimes. Other times, it can be a huge burden. It can be a bridge as well as a safety net that can help you keep a roof over your head and take care of all expenses when you are short of cash. Granted, using other people’s money is a slippery slope, all you want to do is use it carefully. Credit cards are used to purchase equipment for business and it can also provide income. Unfortunately, for many people using credit cards is all about living beyond their means. This is where the cost gets much too high and calls for professional help. Solo Capital is one such firm that has the right combination of product and service to handle situations arising in debt related matters.

Credit card debt should not be neglected at any time because this type of debt carry a huge interest rate that can cost you an arm and a leg. Plus any interest that you are paying on the debt that is not put to work for you is a loss. There are many other fees associated with credit card debt as well besides the typical interest rate. Some of them include annual fees, low balance fees, no-balance fees, late payment fee, cash advance fee and balance transfer fee. Solo Capital’s tips and advice can help its clients deal with such fees and charges related to this type of debt.