An Insight Into Beneficial Investment Banking

Investment banking according to wikipedia is rapidly becoming an important financial aspect in every citizen of US. Many people are quickly embracing the concept of investment banking with a variety of individuals, corporations and governments signing up in order to raise capital especially in the stock market. In short, investment banking is a big deal now. Statistics reveals that more than 70 percent of US citizens are benefiting from the lucrativeness of this financial sector directly and indirectly. The statistics show that it has become a huge financial sector with millions of stocks flowing in and out on a daily basis. The success of investment banking sector is as a result of stable and brilliant individuals from different investment banking companies that formulate efficient and wise policies that steer this part of the financial economy. One of the enterprises that has rapidly emerged and spread its networks is Citadel LLC. Citadel is a big hedge fund that is primarily oriented to offering financial assistance to a wide array of people from different countries. Citadel LLC is managed Ken Griffin, one of the prominent business men in the whole of US. Mr. Griffin has worked tirelessly to oversee the company’s transformation from a small investment agency to a big wig company in investment banking. At just 45, Ken Griffin is already hitting business headlines for all the right reasons. He is currently ranked at no 89 in Forbes’ release of top 400 richest people in the US with a net worth of $7 billion. Griffins is an influential, but secretive politician who will donate his money to politicians he feels has manifestos that please him. In June 2014, he was a record breaker when he signed a check worth 2.5 million to Reuner, a Republican candidate who was competing against Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. Kenneth started his business career in 1986 at Harvard University where he was a freshman studying a bachelor of arts. He began trading in stocks and during his sophomore year, he launched a convertible bond arbitrage fund and by 1987, he had already hit the stock market so hard and came out rich. Since graduating from Harvard, Griffins has been in the forefront in making investment banking have a meaningful appeal. Due to his success, he has many admirers across the US and other parts of the world. For instance, his exemplary managerial skills have handed him membership in several organizations such as the Economic Club Chicago, Civic Committee Commercial Club of Chicago, Wall Street and the G100. Outside work, Mr. Griffins is actively involved in philanthropic and community activities. For instance, he is an active supporter of the Chicago civic and cultural institutions. In February 2014, he offered $150 million to Harvard University to aid in supporting unprivileged students within the system. The donation marked one of the largest gifts ever made to Harvard University since its commencement. He is also on the board of trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitey Museum. His sound principles in Hedge fund management have helped him to make Citadel a top notch company when it comes to investment banking.



Ricardo Guimares has built his family business to be the biggest sponsor of football brands in Brazil.Guimares is himself a sports lover and supports Atletico Mineiro.It is a club close to his heart that is sponsored by BMG.The three letters BMG are printed in orange color on the player’s shirts and are a perfect way for the brand to market itself. It is a costly marketing move but in that is paying handsomely. The bank is today the leader in Payroll loan processing.


Payroll loans is an area with low default rates and many customers. Ricardo Guimares has seen this 85-year-old bank prosper thanks to his leadership skills. Some if the skills are on display on how he manages sports team sponsorship. His businesses acumen doesnt6 allow him to sponsor teams partially. Banco BMG sponsors over 100 teams from all divisions of the Brazilian League. The Bank, despite his personal choices, does not root for any specific team. Since soccer is very popular in Brazil, it is a genius marketing plan as the colors of the banks are depleted every weekend to tens of millions of Brazilian soccer fans. The bank has also sponsored other teams like Basketball and tennis players.


Banco BMG has one the best financial returns from its sports sponsorship. The high visibility has allowed it to prosper in a competitive business environment. The bank has used this fact to accelerated its growth plans and recently acquired Schahin bank and Banco GE.These acquisitions have seen Banco BMG dive into different market segments including vehicle financing and personal loans. The bank has achieved an impressive feat having over 5 million customers and one of the fastest growths despite the current economic crisis.


Banco BMG has leveraged the skill of Ricardo Guimares to grow. The Banking titan believes in hiring the best and working very hard. It is a philosophy that has seen the bank became the biggest consigned credit lender in the market with 80% market share. It is based in Bero Horizonte but has 3000 branches country wide. It also has over 50000 agents around the country. It routinely floats bonds in the international market to help it grow.


Ricardo Guimares is the grandchild of the founding father, Puargo Guimares.He has been with the bank since 1980 and has been promoted severally. He became the financial officer in 1989 and vice president in 1996.


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Yeonmi Park and the Stakes of North Korean Defectors

Yeonmi Park has come forth on behalf of all of the North Korean defectors and has presented a compelling story to the billions of people that have watched the summit. This has brought a lot of attention to her and North Korea. Now, other North Korean defectors have a lot at stake, especially since the North Korean government is working overtime to discredit Yeonmi. They are targeting her and telling people that she is lying. However, she is not the first one that has been targeted. Another person was targeted for assassination because he was a big threat to the status quo. Yeonmi Park has had videos posted on Youtube about her that told people that the story that she has presented was false. Part of the video involved Yeonmi’s extended family denying some of the things that Yeonmi has stated. However, they may have either been paid or bullied to participate in the campaign. Either way, the stakes are very high for the defectors and the North Koreans who are still living under the oppressive rule. Yeonmi Park is often referred to by North Koreans as a “celebrity defector”. There are also other skeptics that reside outside of North Korea. Either way, it is important for Yeonmi to make sure that her story is straight. Yeonmi Park’s story on The Reason needs to be completely true so that it can give her and other North Korean defectors a fighting chance at bringing justice to their home country. At this point, people are looking for ways to fight the injustice of North Korea. However, it is important to fight based on truth, otherwise this will add to the injustice. Yeonmi Park understands that and made sure that her story is a true story. She made no efforts to sensationalize or emotionalize the story. Yeonmi Park has shown a spirit of honesty and gentleness in spite of all of the trials that she has been through in North Korea as well as during her escape to South Korea. Also, getting the story out and giving people an opportunity to see a better way of life than under oppression is part of the healing process for Yeonmi Park.

You Tube + Subscription Channel + Perseverance = Fame + $

You Tube was started in 2005 and with its inception changed the way people seek out information and have fun; often times in the same place. One way is via channels on You Tube. These are made by individuals where videos can be uploaded to their own channel indefinitely. From these channels, have come many widely recognized and now famous names; PewDiePie and Niga Higa to name a few. Some people, such as Wengie, are on their way to international stardom, if not already there, from this spectacular concept called You Tube.

Sweden’s PewDiePie, A.K.A., Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, is the most popular You Tuber in the world right now. He is a gamer who plays a variety of video games and describes the action as it occurs. He keeps the audience’s attention with constant joking around and editing of himself in the videos.

PewDiePie’s main appeal seems to be that he is absolutely hilarious. He also opens his introduction by referring to everyone as “bros”. This appeal cannot be underestimated in a digital and electronic age where so many people are looking for a place to feel a part of something, a family. PewDiePie is very successful at reaching out to his subscribers and responding to comments and questions on his channel with a personal touch.

NigaHiga, A.K.A., Ryan Higa, was one of the first major You Tube stars. Higa is funny and action oriented. He is constantly in motion and keeps his subscribers enthralled with his brand of quick witted humor. Higa is renowned for his videos and short films with a comedic flair.

He recently launched a mobile app in 2015. The new app is a way to connect with his fans and offer them additional content not found on his You Tube site. Ryan Higa states on his official site that, “He continues to concentrate on his passion: making people laugh”.

Wengie, A.K.A., Wendy Huang, is Chinese-Australian and multi-faceted with her talents and skills. She has developed a beautifully put together You Tube site that is both up beat and inspiring to her subscribers. She offers beauty tips, wellness information, style suggestions, diet health plan ideas and weekly giveaways. Her beauty channel is currently the fifth most subscribed channel in Australia. According to Wengie “creating You Tube channels are my passion”.

Wengie is also a blogger. She routinely writes about fashion, beauty and personal issues and has been doing so since 2010. It seems only natural that Wendy is also CEO of Style Alley. Style Alley is an online shopping market for ladies to locate deals on gently used treasures so they can always have something “new” in their closet.

You Tube has changed what popular means to many in our modern day society. Information can be gathered on You Tube and education as well. Anyone can start a channel at anytime. Who knows who will be the next famous You Tuber; how young or how old, there is no limit to the possibilities in this new world. It could be you…

Coaching Importance: Real Estate Mavericks

As mentioned in previous articles, this particular series will discuss and focus on coaching and how it affects culture as a whole. This article will discuss the benefits of coaching your agents and how that will change their learning at the end. In life, if all things were to be kept constant, those having a coach will always perform more than those who do not have one.

We will break down all the strengths and weaknesses of the agents through a one on one coaching. We will also focus on building their individual strengths and let them increase in focus on the strategies that can propel their businesses forward. If anyone wants to do many things, he will try all of them and get frustrated at the end and stop doing all of them.

By helping the agents focus and on easy few things one at a moment, we realize that they will be able to accomplish more and increase in their sense of achievement to continue in working hard. We have also found out that they are more likely to work hard and help others by putting the time to coach them. This apparently means that all of them or rather everyone is productive.

We have also developed mastermind groups that will help create the greatest impact on culture positively. Every group will contain twelve agents. The agents will then be individually assigned an accountability partner, and on a weekly basis, they will be they will gather and share ideas on how to best improve their businesses and many other things. The owner or manager should be present during the proceedings of the meeting and help the groups keep track. Through sharing ideas and encouraging one another, and sharing about the issues faced in the market, all agents will walk away positively energized, focused and well prepared to handle business-related matters in the market with the right attitude more than ever before. These agents will know each other better leading to a higher working environment and bonding.

Our specific particular is to eliminate competition from the market but not to take business away from the agents. As a trainer and qualified coach, one on one coaching will help them participate effectively in the groups and increase in knowledge and help them succeed.

Our curriculum has also developed a six-week class that will have no more than seventy agents at a time. Every agent must have an accountability partner to report to after completing the weekly specific tasks. These agents will unite together and share ideas. Speakers will be brought in to share the many ways in which to role-play and prospect whatever they are doing with the sellers and the buyers. We will encourage the agents to exit from their comfort zones and propel away their fears.

Real Estate Mavericks is a top option when you want a motivated and highly productive workforce of agents. Real Estate Mavericks promote culture through their private coaching to create a positive working environment.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is An Excellent Texas Plastic Surgeon

There are those in the world that look in the mirror and like what they see, but most people can easily point out an imperfection on their face or body that they would like to change. Those who feel they are perfect the way they are may have a high opinion of themselves, or it’s possible that the person really accepts themselves for who they are and how they look. The fact is, most people find faults within themselves, and they’d like to change what they see in the mirror every day. Those who want to see a change in their body may turn to a plastic surgeon.

Finding a good plastic surgeon isn’t necessarily something that’s as easy as picking up the phone book, especially since many plastic surgeons are available today. A plastic surgeon is a doctor that has taken courses that teach them to conduct certain plastic surgeries, and they become surgeons that work on certain parts of the body. Not every plastic surgeon will have the knowledge to do all types of plastic surgery, but some surgeons may specialize in a specific area of plastic surgery. Those who want to find a plastic surgeon who does a particular type of surgery should do extensive research.

When looking for a top surgeon, those who live in Texas don’t have to look very far. Dr. Jennifer Walden is Texas’ top surgeon, and she is different than the many surgeons that are available in Texas. Although Dr. Jennifer Walden is available to all clients from near and far, she has returned to Texas and has a practice that has helped many people to feel better about themselves. The persons that go to Dr. Jennifer Walden a have different surgeries that can correct a problem that they have or fix something on their body.

The work Dr. Jennifer Walden does ranges from breast augmentations to labiaplasties, and she also conducts fat transfers as well as being able to remove fat from the body. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to help contour the bodies of many looking to lose weight as well as shaping and changing the noses of those who feel the need for a rhinoplasty. Anyone who’s aging or has skin that is starting to show wrinkles can go to Dr. Jennifer Walden for a facelift, especially since she’s immensely experienced when it comes to all types of surgical procedures.

Urbana’s High Profile Seeks to Help Pets with Crowdrise Campaign

Jon Urbana is a very busy person who is always involved in business and other pursuits. Most recently, Mr. Urbana has become involved with a Crowdrise campaign. Specifically, he is promoting a charity drive to support the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society (ARAS). The goal of the ARAS is to care for cats until they can be placed in a new home. The shelter provides a “no kill” policy allowing the felines to live in a sanctuary until adopted. The costs of doing so are significant and on Facebook, Urbana said that the Crowdrise campaign hopes to offer the necessary financial support to feed and shelter the cats.

Before becoming an activist for pets, Jon Urbana made a name for himself in the lacrosse world. In a previous career, Urbana was a professional lacrosse player. Although he is retired from professional competition, Urbana has not left the lacrosse world behind. He currently runs the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is a training ground for the top college and professional lacrosse players of the future.

While in college at Villanova University, Urbana was a NCAA Division 1 All-American in lacrosse. Not only did his tenure at the university help him lay the foundation for his sports career, it also helped set up his professional endeavors. Urbana holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Economics and this has served him well in Jon’s various entrepreneurial endeavors.

In his other business ventures, Jon Urbana serves as the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, a company that deals with laser technologies. Mr. Urbana is effectively able to handle his duties with Ellipse while also serving as a coach at his lacrosse camp and a part-time photographer who also has an impressive music catalog.

Hopefully, the high profile Jon Urbana brings to the Crowdrise campaign will help it become a huge success.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.