ABC’s Hit Soap Opera One Life To Live

Soap Operas began gaining popularity as early as the 1950’s in America and usually ran for an extensive period of time. With plot twists, turns, multiple character introductions and deaths, soap operas created a new nail-biting genre of daytime television. ABC first aired One Life To Live in July 1968 and the show ran for over 43 years on the network. The show finished in January 2012 but was continued on Hulu and iTunes as a web series. Originally episodes where only 30 minutes long but as the show gained in popularity the episodes spanned to a full hour for each.

One Life To Live went on to win multiple Day Time Emmy Awards and was praised for being the first soap opera in history to feature an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse cast. The show centered around the wealthy Lord Family, primarily around Victoria Lord. Over the course of the show Victoria goes through hard hitting scenarios like rape, divorce, love, loss and breast cancer. The show got the nations attention by continuously airing episodes dealing with current social issues as the years went by.

Characters came and went in the show and in 2009 Stacy, played by Crystal Hunt, was introduced while Gigi and Rex where in Las Vegas. Gigi’s sister Stacy had been stripping in Vegas and decided to follow them home to pursue her obsession with Rex. Upon learning Rex’s son had leukemia Stacy lied about being a donor match to blackmail Gigi into ending it with Rex. Before Stacy’s lies came to light she and Rex had a one night stand that resulted in a pregnancy, but ended in a miscarriage.

Determined to have Rex for herself Stacy tricks Oliver Fisher into impregnating her to pass the child off as Rex’s. Eventually Rex’s insane father kidnaps Stacy to raise his grandson but tosses her in the snow once he finds out the truth. Gigi finds Stacy in the woods and brings her to Victoria’s cabin where she gives birth to a baby girl. Stacy dies shortly after jumping into a frozen lake to save her daughter and sister whom had fallen in while Gigi was trying to take the newborn to a hospital for medical attention.

American actress Crystal Hunt begun her career early as a beauty pageant contestant which lead to commercial work. She stared in an Anti-Drug commercial with boy band N’Sync as well was a commercial for The Walt Disney Company. On Instagram Hunt is also well known for her work on Guiding Light prior to playing Stacy Morasco. Hunt has begun working behind the camera and produced her first feature film Talbot County earlier this year, the trailer for which is on her Vimeo.

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