About The 990 Company And Its Founder Gregory D. Hague

The 990 Company has a unique program that allows a win-win program in real estate. For a period of not less than 35 years, thousands of real estate agents have used the company’s formula to attract a lot of business and earn very big amounts in percentage commissions. The same program of 990 sells homes ensures that their sellers are able to attract more buyers and in the process, save money that could have gone to commissions. At first, many people do not actually believe that sellers can save on commissions while agents earn commissions that are normal.

The first thing towards the agent making money is by starting marketing aggressively into the community and when home sellers contact, he assures them that he will be in a position to offer them with a 990 Opportunity as an addition to the commissions they are supposed to earn. The homes are then listed with their normal percentage commission and offered the traditional marketing and services. However, they are offered one difference; that is the marketer allowing sellers to be in a position to host their homes open and proceed to charge them a commission of not less than $990 in the event that they get a buyer who is not working with a real estate agent.

With the program, sellers do not sell their own homes. In the event that they find a buyer who is interested and does not have an agent, they simply refer them to the marketer. Another good thing with the program is the fact that it protects cooperative agents. When buyers view their homes and decide to buy, the sales are automatically directed to the marketer who earns a commission as a result. The marketer also earns a full percentage commission on sales made to buyers that are got as a result of his advertising.

Gregory D Hague is an American businessman and a real estate consultant based in Arizona. He is Miami University graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in 1971. He also received his Juris Doctor degree from the American University Washington College of Law. He received his license to practice law at the age of 26 and a similar one to practice real estate dealings when he was only 18.

Hague is well known for his passion when at work or when he wants to achieve something. In the year 2009, he enrolled for the bar review course at Arizona School of Law and continued to study for not less than 14 hours daily seven days for five months. He received the highest score in the bar exam. He has succeeded in different fields because he is dedicated and focused on what he wants to achieve and goes to any extent to do exactly that.