Caring For Your Dog With Beneful By Purina Take Time Out Of Your Busy Life To Love Your Dog

My days are so busy lately. I work a normal nine to five job, which I enjoy. I love my job because I get to interact with such nice people on a daily basis. My coworkers are by best friends. I could basically roll a sleeping bag out in my office space and live there. I don’t think my manager on would even turn his head at this because he just trusts me. I do my job, and I do my job well. I have a super busy life. I’m planning our wedding and our honey moon. Then, we have a baby on the way, so it’s just going to keep getting busier as time goes on. I’m okay with this because I’m used to it, but still, I know I have to make time for those I love. I love my dog, so I make it a point to take time out of my busy schedule to spend time with him.

We go on walks every morning. Sometimes I’m running late, but we still go on walks. I don’t care what time the clock says. He is more important than the stares I get when I walk in fifteen minutes past seven. My dog is probably, safely my best friend (apart from my wife, of course). When it snows outside, guess what? We put on our snow boots. The dog wears his wool jacket. He doesn’t seem to mind. He doesn’t mind the rain either. I have a doggy rain coat for him, but he seems like he doesn’t like it. I never use an umbrella for myself, but when we go walking in the rain I bring an umbrella for him. That’s just a few examples of how much I care about the furry dude.

I care about his diet also. I get him food he likes to eat. The bag says it is nutritious, so I believe them. The dog food company is called Purina. We get the type called Beneful on walmart. He chows down every morning and every evening on the stuff. I guess you could call him a chow hound. He probably gets it from me. We sit at the table, my wife and I, watching him go to town on those Beneful bites. After all, he is far more interesting than everything on television these days. I used to watch old Lassie re-runs, but they don’t seem to come on anymore. My dog reminds me of Lassie, except Lassie never had an appetite like he does. My dog would eat the whole bag of Beneful dog food. If you accidentally leave it out or unattended, forget it. That bag would be gone. That’s why we bought one of those plastic containers that shuts tight, so he can try to get into it, but that thing is sealed tight. My dog is quite a character. He could have his own comic. He is hillarious.