Doe Deere: The Artist Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, created the make-up brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime has recently been featured in the November 2015 issue of Nylon magazine. Deere’s Lime Crime takes the idea of the beauty of the unicorn to the next level, featuring the silhouette on the packaging for individuals who radiate unique spirit like the unicorn. Deere calls herself the “queen of unicorns” because of her love for the mystical creature.

Deere was originally a Russian mail order bride who moved to the U.S. in 1999. Since moving to the U.S. she has begun fashion school and then dropped out, worked in fashion as a clothing designer, been a part of the rock band Sky Salt, and become a cosmetics guru. At one point Deere sold clothing that she made and altered with unusual techniques, such as the use of duct tape, on eBay. Eventually her interests turned to other endeavors and she quit making clothes and selling them.

In 2002 Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime  started working on her new project, the rock band Sky Salt, along with her husband. At one point Deere rented a club for the night to showcase her music. She enjoyed playing music and taking part in creative endeavors but found it difficult to make a living. In 2007 Deere was forced to take on a position at a bank to pay the bills.

The move to working at a nine to five job at a bank sparked Deere’s interest in becoming successful as a cosmetics business owner. She began creating eye shadows made from mineral micas to sell under her brand Lime Crime. The eye shadows and lipsticks are known for their whimsical packaging and beautiful, vibrant colors. Deere has worked to remove as many fillers as possible from her products so that they appear as bright and bold on the face as they do in the package. Deere often posted videos of her cosmetics business or tutorials on how to apply her products. By this time she had developed quite a following online the world wide web.

Deere has many fans, but the Internet has a love and hate relationship with her. She is not bothered by the criticism she receives, as it is natural for an Internet celebrity to receive some flack for being successful, along with simple jealousy from haters. Deere’s success speaks for itself, as she is a self-made woman who believes in the products that she sells through her Lime Crime brand.

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  1. Going from very low key to the proficiency in fashion has marked the work that Doe Deere has done in the brand and she is really fabulous to see. This is because we can have used for the work that will be fast and it will work without much complains. I think it will be faster to look at the next time and I think someone would have broken the internet for the sake of celebrities.

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