Three Challenges Facing an American Business Woman and Solutions Thereof

In a world dominated by men, making it as a business has been increasingly difficult for many women. Not only does the society see a woman as incapable, she is also seen going against and competing with whom nature has dictated she compliments, men. Naturally, women are viewed as supporters to the male gender and therefore face opposition when they engage in what is perceived as male ventures.

Here are three major challenges most women entrepreneurs find themselves into and how they can handle them without affecting their business:

Gender discrimination
This is perhaps the biggest challenge any woman entrepreneur will have to learn handle. It is something that women go through in their daily business life and it does not only affect startups. Established women-run businesses will always face a certain bias, especially where they compete with their male counterparts.
This can be overcome through show of confidence. Faced with such scenarios, women should adopt not trying to prove discrimination against them but calmly show their professional capability.

Lack of financing
It is common for investors to shy away from women run ventures. Most women are known to mixing emotions and businesses which is not business healthy.
This fear can be watered by having experts on their start-ups who can boost investor confidence. Having these experts on board proves to investors that they themselves have confidence in the business and this goes a long way in gaining the investor’s confidence.

Finding work-life balance for parents
It is double tragedy for a woman who is trying to succeed in business and has family especially young children to take care of. For a start up business to pick, it requires a lot of time commitment and so does a family. This proves a tight rope to cross without being swallowed by one side.
The best way moms can do this is setting out time frames for dealing with each issue. They then have to strictly adhere to this and maintain a balance. They should however start by explaining to their children and family why they have to spend too little time together. This best works in a family where the husband is supportive of her engagements enough to take time with their children whenever she is unavailable.
Despite these and many other challenges, women are still thriving in their businesses. One such a woman that has had a successful career and business life is Susan McGalla. Susan was born the only girl in a male dominated family. This might be the reason she has been able to make it in this male dominated business world. Susan McGalla according to wikinvest owns a consulting firm in Pittsburg and has once been the Chief Executive Officer of West Seal Inc. she was also the first female president of American Eagle Outfitters. She is a living prove that even a woman can also make it in business.