Olympic Valley fight over incorporation set to continue


Over the course of recent months the chance to determine the future of the Olympic Valley region has been discussed by local people and businesses. The area in Place County, California has now been the subject of a study by an independent company to determine if the area should be incorporated as a town with responsibility for its own economic future. The study looked at various parts of the economy, which would be affected if incorporation was undertaken and showed the area would not be able to support itself economically.

The Sierra Sun reports taxes levied on visitors have been determined to be the only viable form of income, which would become strained should small changes to the climate and area take place. Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth has been amongst those opposing the incorporation and has called upon his 25 years of resort and hotel experience to explain his opposition. Andy Wirth oversaw the regeneration of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which saw the resort enter the top 20 percent of US ski resorts following changes made to the design of the mountain and resort itself.

Further revision of the study has been called for after supporters of incorporation stated adjustments had not been included for the projected revenue and spending of the incorporated region. Olympic Valley currently relies on Placer County for many of the services offered to its residents, which would have to be paid for from taxes charged to visitors to its various resorts and hotels.

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