Marc Sparks Emphasizes the Need for Amazing Customer Service

Almost all of us have dealt with customer service before. Customer service is the difference between getting repeat customers who happily refer their friends and family to your business or customers who never come back again and possibly tell everyone they know not to do business with you.

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks covers this topic on his blog. He has helped over 60 companies get their start over the past few decades with his private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital.

Since he has been in the business of helping other businesses get started and thrive (or sometimes not thrive), I’m sure he knows first hand how customer service affects the income coming in.

I agree with Sparks. It doesn’t matter how much money a company spends on advertising if they don’t follow it up with outstanding customer service. If someone chooses to do business with you and buy your product, make sure you treat them well! I think the best thing to do is to keep in mind what you expect when you’re on the other side.

In the post, Sparks goes on to list research statistics about how the percentage of people who buy from a company again due to awesome customer service and how many discontinued shopping with a particular company due to terrible customer service. He also describes what people surveyed thought constituted great service and what they hated about customer service.

Making mistakes is part of being human. Everyone makes them once in a while. Sometimes people get frustrated trying to figure out how to hook up their cable box to the television or they forget the password to log into their bank account. Sometimes a fast food worker forgets to put napkins in the to-go bag when you drive through or maybe even some of your food. When a corporation deals with these problems in a quick and efficient way, they are on the path to being on top in their industry.

In today’s world of internet marketing where there are several websites dedicated to reviewing and rating every single item, place, and person, it’s easier than it’s ever been to research a company’s reputation before ever doing business with them. Whether you’re an Uber driver or a CEO, your reputation is dependent on satisfied clients. A company’s reputation is the principal ingredient for a successful business.

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